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    Question SW Hallmark Christmas Ornaments

    These things have been sold out for weeks in my area. I'm on a waiting list for an R2 (the only one I want) and there's no telling when or if it will come in.

    For those of you who collect these, are you experiencing the same problem?
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    Not at all! My Hallmark store has a ton of the Star Wars and Trek ornaments, but I can't afford any of 'em. I'm hoping there will be a DS9 mega-ornament there at the after-xmas sale since $33 is a lot.
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    Looks like I'll have to hit up my in-laws in the Valley, JT, to supply the ol' Christmas tree with one.

    We have a major SW scalper problem in my area, that's why I believe they disappear so quickly. I wish I could wait and buy an R2 ornament at an after-Christmas sale, but they'll be none around. However, I was able to get a second Qui-Gon at 50% off last year. There were a bunch left over last year. This year, though, all I have seen of the new ornaments is what is on the displays (except for the minis, which, I don't particularly card for). There's just no stock on hand.

    When the Hallmark catalog came out, I was hoping the Queen's Starship was going to be cool. Bel-Cam Jos posted a while back that it looked disappointing to him....boy, was he ever right. It's sad looking. Save you money, folks.
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    I always buy the SW ornaments after the holidays. There's a lot of Hallmark stores that I can go to and never had a problem of getting any of the ornaments.

    Except for the Yoda ornament which I had to get early on and never saw one on sale.
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    Sorry to be right, TeeEye. I can see things before they happen; it's a collector's trait.

    The R2 is great! The sounds are a recorded series of beeps and whistles that come on when you press his dome port. He's almost exactly the scale and size of an action figure. The 3 tiny ships set is okay. I passed on Jar-Jar and Anakin, as well as the 10-pieces of silver quality Queen's ship. I think you may be able to find more of these ones at after Christmas sales, this year.
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    A Hallmark store in my area has last year's assortment of Ornaments for 80% off the retail price. They have a pretty good selection, but no Star Wars or Star Trek stuff. However, I agree with those who want to wait until after Christmas to get them. Why pay an arm and a leg now when you can get it after Christmas for half the cost.
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    When the ornaments were first available I went down to Hallmark and put a whole set of the Trek and SW ornaments in lay-a-way, it kind of helps that way so you don't have to pay all at once. I didn't get the Q ornament, that thing is ugly. The Royal Starship actually looks great on the tree, especially with the Naboo Fighter ornament. The R2, I think since it's figure size, would be something good to pick up with an extra to put with the regular SW figures. It's got great detail, and the batteries inside go under it's dome, it's kind of like a COMMtech R2 but with a good recording and everything's built-in. A real plus on that one! Oh yeah, just in case anyone wants to know where the button is on it, the button is located on the back of the dome on the top behind the hook, it's disguised very well as just a normal astromech dome piece.
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    Thumbs up YES!

    My wonderful little wife came home with the R2 ornament this evening! It's COOL!

    B-CJ is right: it's a fun interactive piece. I don't know if it will make it on the tree or not. It's fun to play with!

    I highly recommend getting your hands on one. I'll be looking for another when they go on sale....I just hope some are left!
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    R2 is indeed slipping away, the closest Hallmark store in my area has sold them all, even the display. There's a ton of the rest of the SW and Trek ones, but R2 is getting popular (with good reason).
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    My wife picked my R2 up at a Long's Drug Store. I would advise those still looking for one to check alternative stores carrying Hallmark items like my wife did.

    BTW, I'm still on the waiting list at my Hallmark store.
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