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    Besides SW, what else at Toy Fair did you like?

    What other new lines, besides SW, that were at Toy Fair did you like?

    From what I saw, I really liked the Viking Spawn line. I've never colleted Spawn figures, but these are really Bad@$$ looking. I won't get the actual Spawn, but probably most of the others.

    Another cool new McFarlane line was that Monsters line he's got coming. Todd's take on classic monsters, really cool.

    I also liked some Movie Maniacs, those GI Joe mini-busts, FOTR and TT.

    Other stuff was good, but I don't remember it off hand.
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    definetly mcfarlane
    the viking spawn, alternate realities, monsters, movie maniacs
    and some of the tortured souls just plain kick @$$ !!!
    I've got a lot of mcfarlane already and I don't consider not buying the new lines, too

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    I'm excited by the new Kiss line since they included Eric Carr

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    blue box toys has a WW2 line of 12 inch figures coming out that look really cool. i'll surely be getting these.

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    and the james bond line from sideshow toy looks really cool.

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    I am looking foward to the great looking 'Enterprise' figs from Art Asylum....

    (for you articulation buffs, the final products will not disappoint)

    From Mcfarlane, I was hoping to see an awsome 18" Terminator and Jason...we got an ok (I wanted Jason) Edward Scissorhands and a "shotgun-to-the-face-Terminator" blah

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    The new He-man line is awesome.
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    muppet show!
    the new studios lego
    simpsons stuff.

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    The Star Trek and LEGO stuff, the Star Trek stuff I was dissapointed with at first but then learned yes, we can play with these too! Although I'm still peeved about them not being 4.5" :happy:
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    I also liked the new 12 inch Twilight Zone line from Side SHow TOys. They looked great.
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