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    Never before made Vehicle Poll-FINAL ROUND!

    Well here we are at the last poll for never before made vehicles.
    The list below fairly follows the trend of the previous round with the top four not changing position. So notable departures though in the round. The Lars family speeder, Rebel Transport and Bails airspeeder not only dropped very drastically, but didn't even make the cut this round.

    Here are the results of the top ten vote getters from the last poll:
    Jabba’s sail barge-153 points
    Twin-pod cloud car-101 points
    Gungan Bongo-65 points
    Dooku’s Solar Sailer-65 points
    Corporate Alliance tank droid(aka Snail Droid)-59 points
    Clone Turbo Tank (aka Juggernaut)-56 points
    Rebel Blockade Runner-56 points
    TIE Defender-50 points
    Virago-46 points
    MTT-39 points

    With the domination of Jabba's craft, it seems he's going to sail away with the win. Will this change this round? A vintage vehicle still holds the second spot and has taken twin second places, will it get shot down?

    Not surprising three of the top ten were in the top five from last year. (With the other two being the AT-TE and Homing spider droid-BOTH MADE AND DUE OUT IN JULY!)

    Now is your time to vote!

    We are looking for the top 5 ships!

    As in previous rounds, you'll need to put your votes in order from 1 to 5 with 1 being the most desired. a number one spot on your list will get 5 points, a number 2 will get 4 points, etc.

    The results of all rounds will be given to Hasbro at SDCC, with special attention to this final round, so let your voice be heard!

    Voting commences immediately and will end Sunday evening approx 9pm EST time.

    As with previous rounds, this is not a discussion thread, please feel free to comment on the vehicles polls in this thread:

    Have fun and root for your favorite!
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    Here are my votes:

    1. Corporate Alliance tank droid(aka Snail Droid)
    2. MTT
    3. Clone Turbo Tank (aka Juggernaut)
    4. Jabba’s sail barge
    5. Gungan Bongo
    Move along, move along

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    Here's mine:

    1. Jabba's Sail Barge
    2. Dooku's Solar Sailer
    3. MTT
    4. Clone Turbo Tank
    5. Tie Defender

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    1.Jabba’s sail barge
    2.Dooku’s Solar Sailer

    And I'm bitterly disappointed the Lars speeder didn't get this far.

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    1. Jabba’s sail barge
    2. Gungan Bongo
    3. Twin-pod cloud car
    4. Dooku’s Solar Sailer
    5. Corporate Alliance tank droid(aka Snail Droid)
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    1. Virago
    2. Corporate Alliance tank droid(aka Snail Droid)
    3. TIE Defender
    4. Jabba’s sail barge
    5. Gungan Bongo
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    1. Jabba’s sail barge
    2. Rebel Blockade Runner
    3. Gungan Bongo
    4. MTT
    5. Twin-pod cloud car
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    1 Jabba’s sail barge
    2 Twin-pod cloud car
    3 Gungan Bongo
    4 Dooku’s Solar Sailer
    5 Virago
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    Dooku's Solar Sailer
    Tie Defender
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