I live in BFE, so I order a lot of stuff online as opposed to driving 30 minutes to an electronics store or bookstore. Since deepdiscount means "You'll get it in two months, if ever," and Amazon is usually comparable (and much faster), they get a lot of my orders.

Trouble is, they love to send recommendations. I don't opt out, since they could possibly send me something useful.

But most are junk. Like "We've noticed people who purchase albums by John Williams also love Judy Garland." Huh? Nothing against the lush, but I kinda sorta quasi-like The Wizard of Oz, and that's where it ends.

Or "As someone who purchased books by Jude Watson in the past, we thought you might like to know that The History of Western Economics in Taiwan will soon be released."

Yeah, it's based on what other people have bought, but this is crazy.

Also, I buy one Christmas CD, and a year later, they still think I only want Christmas music.

What makes it especially funny: I've bought a few CDs by Lindsey Buckingham (the lead guitarist and a pretty talented dude--ask mabs sometime), and rated albums by Fleetwood Mac. This morning, I type in the URL of an unrelated site, and it must be down since the Google search page pops up. First sponsored link (though it has nothing to do with the site I was going to) is a new album by Lindsey Buckingham. First I've heard of it.

Isn't it funny that they make all these weird connections, but a new album by a guy I've bought stuff from before, and who tends to go under the radar most of the time, comes out, and their programs don't think I might be interested?

These are just some examples. Any other good ones?