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    Celebration V? ALREADY?

    Well, the rumor is gaining momentum that an announcement may be coming soon regarding the next celebration here in the US, possibly next year in Chicago....

    I'm gonna be the wet blanket here and say....

    NOT YET! It's TOO SOON for another celebration. I fear that SW is gonna end up doing what ST did in the '90's and early '00's and run this thing into the ground until it's not that special anymore and all that shows up are the real die-hards who dress up and kids with disposable incomes ready to just shop, shop, shop.

    There's no movie (I don't count the ani-CW one as a "movie"...that's more like a "big screen" premiere for the show on tv) to push, no major anniversary (yes I could say ESB but...are they gonna wanna crank one out every three years like a movie?)and the "live-action" series won't be ready yet either so...other than another cash-grab, what is this for?

    I enjoyed CIII a lot...Indianapolis was convenient to get to, the hall was good, the downtown interesting and the con itself was fun (except for that store)...and we were awaiting the release of Episode III so the enthusiasm at that con was, there had not been any international cons yet so CIII really had a true global feel to of my favorite things about that con was walking around and hearing so many different languages being spoken everywhere you was wonderful!
    CIV was...good, but signs of con fatigue were already present...the autograph hall was way slower than past cons, and while the store was easier to do this time, other than the exclusive figures, it didn't offer much beyond cheaply-made, overpriced trinkets and t-shirts. The vendor exclusive situation was a bit nightmarish and while it was plenty crowded, there wasn't the sense of fun to the crowds that CIII had...not as friendly, or as international. Also, downtown LA was pretty lackluster for food and other after-con entertainment...

    Going to a SW celebration is an expensive proposition...heck, I'm still paying off cards from the last one...and the thought of going again so soon sounds a little less exciting than I thought it might. Between the hotel, airfare and of course shopping at the con itself, it can rack up quite the bill for just a single person...for families, it's the equivalent to going to a theme park rides! Yes, the memories are great and seeing a lot of the folks from behind the scenes is fun and meeting with the online community there is great as well, but...again, lets' not see this beaten into the ground...between the "comic-cons" and the "wonder-cons" and the international cons for SW happening now, there is getting to be too much of a "good thing" to keep any one of them feeling truly special anymore...

    I enjoyed the two SW celebrations I attended immensely...I just hope someone involved in planning this remembers that it needs to stay special instead of just by rote and providing Steve Sansweet a table to sit at and sign his over-priced boat-anchor books all day... (I kid, I kid...)
    As tantalizing an idea of yet another con celebrating that saga sounds, if it's next year, well...I will probably have to sit that one out...

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    I'm hoping for Philadelphia, Atlanta, D.C. or Baltimore as the location. I could drive to any of those and would be a lot more likely to actually go to one of these things. New York would be drivable, but is way too expensive.

    Anything in California or the mid-west automatically excludes a lot of people on the east coast from attending. (Besides, California got the last one). And lets face it, the mid-atlantic states are a lot more densely populated than the midwest. While Chicago is fairly central, it still means that a majority of people would have to fly to get there. If I have to pay for a plane ticket and a hotel (plus whatever I spend at the convention) then I'm just not going to do it.

    I certainly don't think it's too soon, I just hope that it comes to a place that makes it more accessible for people who couldn't make the others.

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    Chicago sounds like a good place, I think. I love California but maybe it was too far for a lot of people.

    I don't think every two years is too often. It will at least be during the run of the animated show, so I guess that's something. I agree that the excitement of the upcoming movies was a huge part of the fun at the first three (since, after you left the convention, there was still something SW to look forward to), but CIV was still really great.
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    I also believe that next year is WAAAY too soon for another Celebration. CIV was my first because it was literally down the street and on a holiday weekend. I would have gone to the others IF they were during summer when I'm off from work, but somehow the powers that be scheduled them in early spring. Summer just seems more conventiony to me.

    I will make every effort I can to get to CJapan this year. I visited Japan last summer for the first time and vowed to return someday. A Celebration seems fitting as an excuse. However, if the rumor that says Chicago next year for another Celebration is true, then it looks like there will be Celebrations in other parts of the every other year. Lucas is FAR from cash strapped, yet having a Celebration every year (one year in the US and then the next year in another country) AND without something grand to showcase seems like an excuse to make many quick bucks. I endorse having the Celebrations in other parts of the world since it must be difficult for SW fans in other countries to always make it here. But maybe if the Celebrations were held every 5 or 10 years it would be easier to justify such an expense.

    Also, a logical place for the TRUE Celebration for me would be San Francisco so everyone that wants can see Skywalker Ranch.


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