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    Vintage 12" Figures

    Anyone else into these? I bought a few a couple of years ago (including a lovely minty Han, complete with medal, currently my favourite piece), and have decided to search out the others to complete my collection.

    I've just bought a Luke, and have a question about the grappling hook.... the other end of the string on mine is glued to a piece of purple plastic - it's not done very well and looks really naff. I want to cut it off - I've found a couple of others on the net, and none have this plastic end piece - but I'm reluctant to do it in case it's supposed to be there. Anyone know for sure?
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    Not supposed to be there. Luke's hook is a silver plastic piece with a string on it. My string has a loop in the end that goes around his hand but I am not sure if that is factory or if the first owner tied it. I love the 12" collection and look forward to the day when mine is complete. Almost there.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll probably cut it off and maybe tie the end to the belt loop, the hook can hang above it.

    Really nice collection there.... apart from the obvious Indy bits, what are you missing?

    So far I have:

    2 Chewies
    Boba Fett

    All complete, except Boba Fett is missing the rubber tip from his rocket.
    Big thanks to DarkJedi5, TheRealDubya, obi-dad, morpheus282, Tycho and Kidhuman for great deals/trades.

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    I have ...
    Stormtrooper complete
    R2 D2 complete
    C3PO complete
    Luke complete
    Leia complete
    Chewie complete
    ObiWan (missing belt)
    Vader (missing saber)
    Boba Fett (missing wookie pelts)

    Need ...

    The ones that I have seen the least are Obiwan, Leia, Han, and IG88.
    Did see an IG88 at a toy show but passed on it at first sighting and then when I went back to take a 2nd look it was gone. I've never seen Han in person actually which is weird to me. Did see a complete Indy figure but passed on that too. Should've grabbed it I know.

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    I only really "see" these on ebay. I'm after a Leia and Obi-Wan next.... I missed out on a lovely Leia this week, sold for about $120. There are quite a few Leias for sale at the mo, but most have the hair down, and I'm not sure I'd ever get her "buns" to look right.
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    I am going to get into these once I have my "loose" collection of 4 inch finished!
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    I have most of them still from childhood and like all my 70's space set legos, I am NOT missing a piece but Chewie's rubberband that holds the arms together just recently broke, but easily fixable I never did get IG-88, Ben or Leia for some reason and eventually I may pick those up to complete the collection.

    I remember 'illegally' searching for xmas presents one year with my sis and I found 12" c3p0 that my Mom had hidden under her bed

    This is why I love the vintage stuff, it brings back so many great memories that are different from great adult memories
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    I'm surprised you haven't got Leia, Deox!

    I collect a lot of toys because of the nostalgia value, but I never had any of these when I was young. But I just love the charm and naivity of these. And they were so obviously made to be played with, I know I would've loved them as a kid.
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    They're just too darn expensive for me. I got my fix of these when the POTF2 lines came out (bought Han, Luke Bespin, and another one [Fett?] I forget). I had a friend give me a beaten up vintage Fett missing every accessory, and that's more within my price range. :cheapcheap:
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    I never had them as a kid either. Not sure why, but I was always focused on the 3.75" stuff and the desire for them never really transferred over.


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