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    What figures need to be rereleased?

    I think Hasbro should look at rereleasing certain figures, sort of like the Legends line but this time GIVING US WHAT WE ASK FOR and not just plugging the line with future pegwarmers.

    That being said, I'd like to see

    1. Pablo-Jill
    2. Snowtrooper (VTAC)
    3. McQuarrie Luke Skywalker
    4. McQuarrie Boba Fett
    5. McQuarrie Stormtrooper
    6. Emperor's Royal Guard (ROTS issue)
    7. Red R2 (from Naboo Royal Starship; the TPM tin release)
    8. Luke Skywalker: X-Wing Pilot (VTSC)
    9. Tusken Raider (VTSC)
    10. Chewbacca (VOTC)
    11. Stormtrooper (VOTC)

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    I'd definitely like some more of the VOTC Stormtroopers. The TAC ones are a bit too wobbly in the middle for me. The VOTC one is my favorite.

    Of the rest that you mentioned, I'd McQuarrie Luke and the Red R2 are the only ones I do not have opened. However, with the McQuarrie Luke, I want to get one of the original release ones to open so I'll have the coin. I'll probably open the tin set figures some day, but if they re-released all the figures that were exclusive to them, then I could keep them in the package.

    I guess since I usually end up getting all the figures somehow, I don't really need figures re-released. Troops are about the only ones that I would get. Perhaps if they can't come up with a new and improved Battle Droid sculpt, then they should re-release the Episode I and POTJ Security versions as long as the plastic is as good as in those original releases. Starting with the Boomer Damage version, all of the Battle Droids since have been disappointing.

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    I wouldn't complain if they kept the VOTC Stormtrooper in the rotation. You can never have enough Stormies.

    I'd also like to see a re-release of the red ROTS Royal Guard. It baffles me that they re-released the blue version, but not the red. I would think you'd want to rehash the more poular version, but this is Hasbro we're talking about.

    Some of the droids that were previously only available in multi-packs would be nice too. I don't have the red R2 from the tins so that would be a good carded release.

    I could go on, but the list is a bit long, so I'll stick with what I have for now.

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    These are the ones I'd want them to re-release:

    1. VOTC stormtrooper or Tantive IV Stormtrooper with correct belt. Either one is pretty good IMHO.
    2. Tie Fighter Pilot-Saga
    3. VOTC Chewbacca
    4. VTSC Tusken Raider
    5. VOTC Han Solo
    6. VTAC Snowtrooper
    7. Assassin Droid (C2pak)
    8. Jawas TAC
    9. Royal Handmaidens POTC
    10. Darth Sidious-holo
    11. Sio Bibble

    These are some that I already have, but others might be interested in:

    1. Han Solo ST disguise-non comic version
    2. Luke Skywalker ST disguise-again, non comic version
    3. Pablo Jill
    4. Any astro droid pack in.
    5. Ephant Mon
    6. Dannik Jericho-without holes in face
    7. McQuarrie Snowtrooper

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    Rocket-launching R5-D4 should remain available at all times.
    That's my jacket!

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Rocket-launching R5-D4 should remain available at all times.
    Forgot about him. Good call Chux.

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    Funny thing is, everyone complains about him, but I displayed him using his gun arms like repair devices, and have them under the (raised) panel on the EU Snowspeeder. Or I did, when I had room to display both.
    That's my jacket!

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    I never complained about him. Yeah the launching feature was a bit cheesy, but I thought he was better than lighsaber launching R2.

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    I would like to see another Lando w/skiff disguise. SA on it would be nice.

    I think a Jabba the Hutt set would be good also.

    If hasbro could re-release the Wampa I would be grateful as well.
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    I'd like to see:

    VOTC Princess Leia
    VOTC Stormtrooper
    VOTC Tuskan Raider
    VOTC IG-88
    VOTC Luke Skywalker X-Wing
    Target Salecumi Trooper
    all of the Order 66 Clones (for those who like to army build)
    181 TIE Interceptor Pilot
    Comic Pack Mara Jade with purple blade lightsaber
    Comic Pack Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper with correct helmet
    Comic Pack Han Solo Stormtrooper with correct helmet
    TAC Death Star Trooper with DC-17 blaster and new sculpt head
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks


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