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    Concerning Mos Espa. (A work in progress...)


    1.) Rango 'Tankhead' Tel (human spacer. wears a huge helmet like a bell jar.)
    2.) Rumsleg (bounty hunter spacer, has a red spacesuit on and a face that sort of looks like a cat with one eye)
    3.) Teyora Rekab (human spacer captain, wears a yellow/gold space suit with dark gray armour over and wears goggles inside the helmet.
    4.) **Quarren local
    5.) **Ishi Tib local.
    6.) **Klaatooinian local
    7.) **Ithorian local
    6.) **Pacithhip local
    8.) **Nikto local
    9.) **Bith local
    10.) **Weequay local
    11.) Erdan (9ft tall human slave. has black and white face.)
    12.) weazel (human, cloaked and hooded dwarf local, seen walking with Erdan and later in Watto's pod race box)
    13.) Jira (old lady pally seller. Anakin's 'friend')
    14.) **Bith musician (mulberry coloured suit. more wrinkly head than OT Bith)
    15.) **Rodian local (wears green suit and a coolth backpack)
    16.) **Aleena (same species as ratts Tyerell)
    17.) Greedo the elder (the young rodian who fights with Anakin)
    18.) Wald (Anakin's squat rodian friend)
    19.) Kitster Banai (Anakin's good friend. Asian human)
    20.) Seek (human friend of Anakin. red haired. not very bright)
    21.) Amee (human female fiend of anakin. chubby)
    22.) Melee (human female friend of Anakin. short and skinny)
    23.) **Aqualish spacer (wears ochre spacesuit with black boots.)
    24.) **Nikto spacer (wears ochre spacesuit and black boots)
    25.) **Weequay spacer (wears brown spacesuit with black boots)
    26.) **Pod mechanic (human, in street cafe with sebulba. blue jumpsuit and black headdress with goggles)
    27.) **Xecto gorg seller. (sells to pod race spectators. like a big Gasgano)
    28.) **Gran gambler (in Watto's box. wears a green jumpsuit)
    29.) Bib Fortuna (looking very skinny)
    30.) Chokk (Klaatooinian guard, wears white padded costume and yellow bandana)
    31.) Lathe (Nikto guard. wears cobbled together from bits of ROTJ guards costume)
    32.) Diva Funquita (chunky chick with bright red hair in big spikes)
    33.) Diva Shaliqa (blue haired chick wearing bikini top and harem pants with weird alien feet)
    34.) Gardulla the Hutt (female rival to Jabba the Hutt)
    35.) Ann/Tann Gella (Sebulba's blue Twi'Lek masseurs)
    36.) **Nikto pod mechanic (On Sebulba's team. waers blue jumpsuit with wide round flat collar)
    37.) **Pacithhip pod mechanic (wears green jumpsuit)
    38.) **Ishi Tib pod mechanic (wears tabard like top)
    39.) **Turtle shell pod mechanic (human. wears protective outfit that resembles a turtle shell)
    40.) Mac Traaj (human pod mechanic. works with Anniss Keann. wears green jumpsuit and black equipment)
    41.) Anniss Keann (human pod mechanic. works with Mac Traaj. wears green jumpsuit with black equipment)
    42.) **motorcycle helmet pod mechanic (human. wears yellow jumpsuit with body armour and vintage motorcycle helmet with goggles.
    43.) Ben Quadinaros
    44.) Boles Roor
    45.) Clegg Holdfast
    46.) Mawhonic
    47.) Neva Kee
    48.) Elan Mak
    49.) Wan Sandage
    50.) Aldar Beedo
    52.) Ratts Tyerell
    53.) Ark 'Bumpy' Roose
    54.) Ebe Endocott
    55.) Anakin Skywalker pod race winner (with removable helmet)
    56.) Welding droid (looks slightly insect like)
    57.) R-PK (small monowheel droid, with monocular head)
    58.) Yellow 'face' droid (has track feet and vaguely resembles an ape. designed for but probably wasn't in the movies but looks damn cool)
    59.) R2-N6 (basically a red astro droid with white, black and blue markings)
    60.) R5-X2 (Jabba's gambling droid. calculates odds. red and white)
    61.) J57 Pod race camera droid (mulberry and black)
    62.) RIC-920 droid (pulls rickshaw)
    63.) Blinkered Dewback (trader's animal. wears blinkers over eyes and has a small saddle with small panniers.
    64.) Dwarf Nuna clutch
    65.) Power droid (rectangular with tiered look to it's body is sen in black and white versions)
    66.) Round power droid (Watto's shop. seen against the wall inside near the shop entrance. looks like a barrel with legs)
    67.) Stretch (Watto's shop. looks slightly like an Otoga 222 pit droid but a lot bigger)
    68.) R1 reactor drone (Watto's shop. behind the counter)
    69.) Protocol droid in Watto's shop (has casing and parts missing from left arm and leg)
    70.) Dark eye probe destroyed. (sliced into two pieces after Qui-Gon whips out his saber)
    71.) Red and black flash speeder with round engines
    72.) Green and black Xp-34 landspeeder
    73.) Blue V-35 landspeeder
    74.) Yellow V-35 landspeeder
    75.) Naboo slimline royal yacht
    76.) S-Flare Swoop

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    Nice work. I love character lists. Gives me something to look forward to on my next viewing. Might be trilogy time this weekend!
    Hasbro, Wuher needs help, bring us Ackmena

    Kenobi must be the Smith or Johnson of Tatooine

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    Why are some of those marked with asterix?

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    because they have no character names yet or rather, I've not found names for them yet. I put a disclaimer about that on my other list threads but forgot on this one.

    pssst. it's asterisks, asterix is a gaul

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jargo View Post
    because they have no character names yet or rather, I've not found names for them yet. I put a disclaimer about that on my other list threads but forgot on this one.

    pssst. it's asterisks, asterix is a gaul
    I knew I was spelling it wrong! I was just too lazy to open up a thesaurus in another window. I should have just typed **.

    Anyway. I can't see Hasbro getting around to making any of these to be honest. Their prequel interests are core characters, clones, seperatist droids and minor characters with speaking roles. The ICMGs of the prequels really stand no chance of being made.

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    I know. sadly you're right. there's a possibility of continued pod racer 2-packs but not much else. still the lists at least give names to characters people see and go 'oooh who's that then?'

    although users of hyperspace being allowed to write databank entries really screws it up. I have images with LFL assigned names from the tme of the movies release and then the databank entries give them new names.

    for example Weazel, to me the dwarf character seen walking with Erdan is the same as the dwarf chaacter named Weazel who is seen in Watto's box. same costume. same actor, Warwick Davies. however someone has given a separate name to first appearance Weazel as though it's a different character walking with Erdan.

    with the clone wars cartoon and the live action tv show coming up there's zero chance of such background characters. maybe one day when hasbro needs to dredge the barrel though. when people have got bored and gone off clowntroopers and jedi a bit. when the fad for mandalorians in rainbow colours has died....

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    I watched TPM last night and the Mos Espa scenes were visually cool to behold, reminding me obviously of ANH. I forgot your list included pod racers and characters like Bib Fortuna and Pod Race victory Anakin - those stand a chance of being made. And there seems to be a campaign on Rebelscum to make Rumsleg - I happened to notice him particularly in my viewing last night - so presumably other people did too. I guess if a fandom builds up around certain 'miniscule part' characters they may get made. But most won't for the reasons you stated and because time will keep passing with, one may predict, no increasing fondness for the prequels to build a desire for such blink&miss characters.

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    Hopefully they'll do Ratts Tyrell now that they did the EU Jedi for Target, so they already have a template.

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    i have a feeling Ratts will be in the pod racer 2-pack next year along with Ben Quadinaros. It's just a hunch. Though I'd love a new Gasgano with articulated legs and less static looking arms. Better balanced.

    Oooh now this has got me thinking. Did hasbro say pod racer 2-pack or pod race 2-pack? If it was pod race that could mean any character. Even Ann and Tann Gela. or Kitster and Wald. Guess it's more likely to be pod racers though.

    I do love that Tsu Choi figure. so dinky and cute. yeah here's to Ratts Tyerell coming soon.


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