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    What Ships need to be re-released.

    I figured since we have a thread about what figures need to be re-released why not have a thread for ships and vehicles as well.

    I would love to see:

    Anakin's Clone Wars Starfighter (missed out on this one and don't want to have to pay Ebay scalper prices.)
    Geonosian Starfighter
    Republic Gunship
    CW Deco ARC-170
    ROTS Deco ARC-170
    Large Wing TIE Fighter
    AOTC Anakin's Speeder
    AOTC Zam Wessel's Speeder
    Clone Wars Speederbike
    Shadows of the Empire Swoopbike
    Jabba's Desert Sail Skiff

    and while we are at it here what I would like to see from the vintage line to be re-released but just updated with new paint apps and better detailing:

    Rebel Transport
    Twin Pod Cloud Car
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    I'd like another large wing TIE Fighter. Also, while it isn't officially a "vehicle" as such, I'd like to see the first edition Bantha from a few years ago instead of the weird-hair one that has been out recently.

    Does the "Death Star" count as a vehicle? (see my sig line)

    I might consider getting another AT AT if it came out "improved" with the vintage motorized front guns.

    Stuff like that.

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    1. TIE Interceptor: new cockpit, no red stripe on the panels.
    2. TIE Fighter: new cockpit, correctly-scaled panels, white deco.
    3. Palpatine's Imperial Shuttle: clean, grey stripe down the front

    I would list the AT-AT, but I think that vehicle really needs to be completely remade, larger and more accurate. Same with the Speeder Bike and the AT-ST.
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    V-Wing starfighter (Imperial colors)
    ROTS Vulture Droid (transforming version from the EPI three pack)
    Geonosian Starfighter (New Clone Wars colors)

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    Rebel Transport is a great idea.
    Twin-Pod Cloud Car
    B-Wing again

    and where is that $150 price point Millennium Falcon?
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    Of your suggestions I would like to see:
    Republic Gunship-correct movie colors only.
    ROTS Deco ARC-170
    Large Wing TIE Fighter-at a smaller pricepoint plese. this is nothing but a ball a shingles. Surely we can get away from this being a $40 release again...
    Jabba's Desert Sail Skiff

    And from the vintage choices.
    Rebel Transport
    Twin Pod Cloud Car
    Move along, move along

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    POTF2 TIE Fighter with Green Missiles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    POTF2 TIE Fighter with Green Missiles
    You're a pooper!
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    one thing that I spotted on the net yesterday is a clone wars era Y-wing design with all the plating intact. releasing that with the last version of the Y-wing they released, that has the droid slot, as an evolutions pack would get my dollars. so what if it's only two vehicles. it'd make a sweet set. forget pilots just pack in those access ladders we know they sculpted for that unreleased accessory set. a couple of the cheese wedge landing lights like the ones molded onto the base of the POTF2 rebel pilots cinema scene.

    The snowspeeder could do with being shoved out again. the one with the air breaks and small harpoon gun. do it as Zev's ship or Wes 'good shot' Janson's. resculpt the cockpit so it's tighter and the figures don't rattle around in it.

    An X-wing in basic deco with stickers so you can make it any of your rebel pilots' ship. sticker sheets for three or four main pilots besides Luke, just add the stickers to the fuselage nose and wings. shove the access ladders in with that too. and the landing lights.

    If they ever release a rebel transport again i hope it's a new sculpt and larger. considering the bit that sticks out the top is supposed to be a cockpit and the underside is supposed to be hundeds of cargo containers. I'd want to see something significanly bigger and with removable container units and at least some sort of detailed interior space. if most of the thing was still a carry case for figures that'd be cool but I want one of these for my tatooine shelf and the vintage one just plain sucks.

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    Luke's Landspeeder (Saga). Pack-in a "dirty" version of Ewok Throne Threepio, or a Moisture Vaporator, or both.


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