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Thread: Fun made-up EU

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    Fun made-up EU

    Don't like the EU? Make up your own!

    List your "facts" here. You don't have to honor any previously established EU (though you can incorporate characters from existing works if you want).

    1) Ackmena was the first Cruisemissile Trooper.
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    2. Princess Leia likes girls. We are dating, living in a luxurious condo on Coruscant.
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    3. Everything that happens after Return of the Jedi was a dream.
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    4. Not only was Boba Fett Dengars best man but Aurra Sing was the Maid of Honor!!!
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    5. 2-1B: Jedi Master
    [FONT=Book Antiqua]He passes to Moses - He shoots, he scores![/FONT]
    Mummy of the raincoat is a gigantic trollop.

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    Nothing I can come up with will be as good as the Weequay using a magic 8-ball as an oracle.

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    7. (What a cool number! ) Jira as an undetected Sith Lord.
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    8. A few years after ROTJ, Leia reveals to Han that she was actually just using him to get to Chewie. Up until then, Han had just assumed that all their children were born with hypertrichosis.
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    9) rejected title for "mind harp of Sharu"- "Lando's biggest boner"
    could have been true
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    Uh, excuse me, can you say "Darth Maude"?
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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