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    Millennium Falcon

    found this over at

    The BMF Millennium Falcon Hi-Rez
    4/8/2008 4:52:23 PM | Reported by Adam_May
    A gorgeous Sith Witch conjured up this image (and click again for a massively oversized view) of the upcoming "BMF" Millennium Falcon from Hasbro. No, it's not a Code 3 or an impostor, this is it. Note that the cockpit looks to feature enough room for Chewbacca, Han Solo, the newly diminuitive modern era Princess Leia, and Goldenrod. There are lights, sounds, missiles, and even (hidden behind a door) a medbay. Just click on in and have a look. (Don't forget to click the image again to chew up major bandwidth and enjoy the grand tour!) Thank you to the Sith Witch for this glimpse of things to come.

    if this is true, all I can say is WOW
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    interesting picture. need more.

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    If this shows up at Comic-Con, then I'll get a bit more excited.

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    Get ready to empty out your wallets boys, this will be one to get!
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    I really like what they've done, but it appears there's still no tunnel to the cockpit, and I just don't understand why half the ship remains unused playset space. There's a ton of gimmick levers and such though.

    Looks like the mandibles are separate pieces, and the left-side hatch flips up for some reason.

    Hello Target, goodbye money! Hmm, I wonder when my Hasbro Play Rewards check expires.
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    I would think that the left side that flips up is a battery compartment.

    Also notice behind that compartment is some sort of lever. Wonder if there are any flip down landing gear on this one. Can't wait to see more pics of this beauty.


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    Maybe the back opens up, too (like the old mold)?

    Is there a lower gunwell, too? Can figures sit in both gunner stations?

    Let's see an interior image of the cockpit. (Maybe there are more pics on GH?) But how do people know if there is room for 4 if this is the only picture.

    Hang on....I'll look at GH....Thought so. No more pictures. Darn!

    Yeah, this looks really cool. I'm almost certain I'm buying.

    I want to see more. If they're going to have THIS at Comic Con, I think I'll definitely be going.

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    I thought the cockpit was supposed ot seat 4 of them? I need more pics to better tell on this one.
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    I really want to see a photo with a figure inside to get an idea of the scale of this thing. But it's looking very, very promising.

    I've been looking around on Ebay for a decent vintage Falcon, but I think I'll put that on hold until we get more info on this. This might just be the Falcon toy I dreamed of as a kid. Well, not really, because that one was 5 feet in diameter, which I doubt this one will be; but it's looking like a huge improvement over the old Kenner mold so far.
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