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    Most Wanted New Figure Poll - Phase 2, Round 2

    Welcome to Phase 2 Round 2 of our Most Wanted Figures Poll. You will choose the five figures you want the most from the 35 choices offered at the bottom of this post.

    If you voted in Phase 2 Round 1 and are wondering, “Hey, what's going on? Didn't we already vote on these?” The answer is yes and no. The choices in Phase 2 Round 1 were the top five from each of the six movie polls and the EU poll. The top five from Phase 2 Round 1 made it to our final list, and five more runners up have taken their place in the list of choices for this round. See this post for a better illustration of how this works.

    This round will operate just like Phase 2 Round 1. The poll will be open for almost a week, and will close at 9pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, April 15. I will then tally the scores, with first place votes receiving 5 points, on down to fifth place votes receiving 1 point. The top five scorers will make our most wanted list. The rest will be joined by five more runners up and will compete in Phase 2 Round 3 when it begins on Wednesday, April 16.

    When this round is completed, the thread will be closed and a new thread will be started for the next round. This way people won't get confused and vote for figures in this first post that may have already made the list. I'll post a link to the next round before I close the thread. Also, let's keep the thread to votes only, but feel free to discuss the poll and its results in the discussion thread.

    So, without further delay, select and rank your 5 most wanted figures from the following 35 choices:

    Ratts Tyerell
    Tey How
    Ben Quadinaros
    Daultay Dofine
    Queen Amidala Return to Naboo

    Beru Whitesun
    Jocasta Nu
    Barriss Offee
    Queen Jamillia
    Padmé Yellow Picnic Dress

    General Grievous
    Breha Organa
    Midwife Droid

    Dr. Evazan
    Senni Tonnika/Karoly D'ulin (green)
    Bom Vimdin
    Dice Ibegon

    Torynn Farr
    Luke Medical Frigate
    Leia Medical Frigate
    Captain Needa
    Edian – black Bespin Guard

    Sim Aloo
    Cane Adiss
    Sgt. Doallyn

    Jaina Solo
    Jacen Solo
    Joruus C'baoth
    Gilad Pellaeon
    Nom Anor

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    1) Queen Amidala (purple) Return to Naboo
    2) Beru Whitesun (AOTC)
    3) Joruus C'Boath
    4) Queen Jamilla
    5) Midwife Droid
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    1. Senni Tonnika (green)
    2. Beru Whitesun (Attack of the Clones)
    3. Wooof
    4. Bom Vimdin
    5. Breha Organa

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    1. Sim Aloo
    2. Cane Adiss
    3. Wooof
    4. Sgt. Doallyn
    5. BG-J38

    Hopefully, this will help get the Gamorrean into round 3.
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    Well - since none of my top 5 made into the last top 5 - we'll try again (although it looks like none of them will make it this time either....)

    1) Tey How
    2) Barriss Offee
    3) Dr. Evasian
    4) Edian – black Bespin Guard
    5) Queen Amidala Return to Naboo
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    Leia Medical Frigate
    Luke Medical Frigate
    Bom Vimdin
    Cane Adiss
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    1. Torynn Farr
    2. General Grievous-correct scale
    3. Bom Vimdin
    4. Barriss Offee
    5. FX-6
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    1. General Grievous
    2. Tey How
    3. Daultay Dofine
    4. Cane Adiss
    5. FX-6

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    I'm not even paying attention to "strategic voting." Hasbro isn't going to pay any attention to what mere fans want, anyway, so this is all just in fun:

    1) Young Beru Whitesun
    2) Dr Evazan
    3) Barriss Offee
    4) Sgt Doallyn
    5) Tey How

    Again, Bom Vimdin is a close sixth.
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    1. Queen Amidala Return to Naboo
    2. Beru Whitesun
    3. Jocasta Nu
    4. Bom Vimdin
    5. Luke Medical Frigate
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