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    John Adams

    Has anybody else been watching this series on HBO? I've watched the first three episodes and so far I've enjoyed them all. Like many things HBO does this is a well put together mini series. Great casting, wonderful sets and costumes and solid writing and directing. While the second president isn't a very 'sexy' subject, John Adams led an incredible life that is worth knowing about.

    As an fyi the series is based on very good book of the same title.

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    All I knows is Paul Giamatti makes a very weaselly-looking founding father.
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    True, however you should remember that Washington wasn't as 'fit' as he is generally portrayed either.

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    This series is absolutely superb. You will continue to enjoy the episodes, JimJam, as I just got current on them and watched the last new one.

    It is obvious HBO put alot of time and money into this one. Giamatti's performance is great in itself, but when you have supporting cast like Laura Linney, David Morse, and Tom Wilkinson it is even better.

    I hope it is not long after this series concludes that it is made available for purchase.
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    Its a good series, I've been catching it when I can. Its nice how HBO decided to show some grit(dirty buildings,clothes,etc) most of these docs are way too squeaky for me. Moving onto the more historical aspects, its nice to see our founding fathers struggling to form the country, gives one a bit more appreciation for what they did.
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    It has been far too long since I've been able to truly get lost in and enjoy a production like this. The reasons are many and it serves little purpose by going into them. Suffice it to say that it has been refreshing to watch such a high quality production where it is so obvious that those involved actually cared about the final product. I appreciated it fully. I hope that many others can as well.


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