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    Bigger bubbles = More Garbage?

    Not necessarily. There are probably not a lot of people who care, but I did hear some complaints that these bigger bubbles will just add to your garbage and just add more waste to the world.
    Well, I wrote to Hasbro about it yesterday, and received a response today. It turns out that all their plastics are 100% recyclable. So, the cards can be recycled and now we know that the bubbles can (and apparently always could) be recycled.
    Not really a big deal, but I just thought I would share that.

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    I don't open my figs, so I don't have that problem
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    Well that's cool that they even bother with that. Though I must admit, my family doesn't recycle whatsoever, so it's not a problem either way. But I promise I'll start when I have a place of my own....err..yeah..
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    I open all my figures, but I also keep the cards & bubbles.

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    Originally posted by General Veers
    I don't open my figs, so I don't have that problem
    Not yet,nothing lasts forever!
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    Sure, they can be recycled into garbage-can-fillers. I suppose they can be recycled, but I'd be REALLY shocked to hear this plastic is used in ANYTHING else once it's thrown out.

    I still submit that having all that extra empty space in the bubble will look like you're getting less toy, a la Ultimate Soldier XD.
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    I think the bigger bubbles are just a trick to make you think you are getting a lot more than you really are. When you see R2 you think: "My, what a large figure this is, well worth the $7!" Then you opne it, and see, its just a teeny, tiny figure and the huge packaging was just a lot of empty plastic and air. Good trick Hasbro.
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    Hey Lman 316, thanks for that info. I really feel sick sometimes when I see the amount of trash I throw away after opening toys. It's really the only time that I envy carded collectors.

    At least now it can be thrown in with the recycling.

    I think that the big bubbles do point out the smallness of some figs, but it's alwasy been like that.
    I remember buying a vintage Jawa as a kid and wondering why he was the same price as a Chewie or Vader.
    So, some bubbles give you less (R2) and some more (Padme Arena).
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    Hasbro's full of crap and so are thier bubbles!!!!!!!!
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    Originally posted by turbowars
    Hasbro's full of crap and so are thier bubbles!!!!!!!!
    No Turbowars, tell us how you really feel.
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