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    G.I. Joe Collectors?

    Any G.I. Joe collectors here? The reason I ask is because would like to participate in their G.I. Joe Q&A but I don't collect it so I have no questions to ask. If you have any Hasbro G.I. Joe questions, please post them here.

    Much appreciated!
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    Since the start of the 25th Anniversary line, I'm actually more interested in GIJoe than in Star Wars. That said, I've got three burning questions:

    1) The Marvel comic continuity is fondly remembered by many adult comic collectors and GIJoe fans; however, aside from the three issues available on Hasbro's website and the occasional reprint in the comic 2-packs, it is no longer available. Adding to the frustration, Devil's Due has done a rather poor job of keeping trade paperbacks in print. Have you considered producing a DVD-ROM containing all the issues set in this universe, including the Devil's Due series, spinoffs and paperback-exclusive stories from both publishers, and the recent new comics from the 2-packs, possibly including "behind the scenes" bonus material?

    [I'm posing this to Hasbro, as they own all reprint rights to the stories, and Marvel can no longer reprint their GIJoe stories from the 80s and 90s.]

    2) In a previous Q&A, you indicated that there were no current plans to do a kids' line similar to Galactic Heroes, Robot Heroes, and Superhero Squad. Is this likely to change with the near-certain merchandising blitz surrounding the upcoming movie? And, if so, would you consider a mix of movie and classic characters (much like you've done with the Robot Heroes)? (C'mon, you know how awesome a two-pack of cute and cuddly Snake Eyes vs adorable Storm Shadow would be!)

    3) There have been several figures already in the 25th Anniversary line that are based on comic and cartoon designs that had never been produced before. Is there any possibility for further exploration, especially regarding higher-profile comic-only characters like Billy, a Kwinn resculpt, Shooter, Cool Breeze, Zanya, the Devil's Due costumes for Dr Mindbender and Shipwreck, and, of course, an unmasked and scarred Snake Eyes?
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    Oh God, I just can't understand why they don't reprint all the old Joe comics in graphic novel form like EVERY OTHER COMIC OUT THERE HAS.

    The CD rom thing is a good idea too as they've done that with Avengers, Spiderman, etc.... but I'd rather have graphic novels for my library.

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    The only problem with graphic novels (at this moment, at least) is Marvel no longer has any rights whatsoever to the old series. They'd started reprinting them and were moving along at a pretty good pace, but Hasbro bought the reprint rights back. Devil's Due has the current publishing rights, but they're really, really bad about keeping graphic novels in print.

    Devil's Due has lost the license as of this summer, but there's been no confirmation if it's gone to Marvel or IDW. I'm guessing whichever gets it might be leased the reprint rights (as both are quite good about keeping their graphic novels available).

    I'm assuming that the rights to the stories published by Devil's Due are also owned by Hasbro, but I'm not sure.
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    There are only 2 questions that need to be asked about GI Joe:

    1) Will Hasbro ever rerelease the larger GI Joe playset/vehicles such as the USS Flagg, the Defiant Shuttle Complex, and maybe even the Terror Drome?

    2) Can you please answer question 1?

    ...please forgive the Fight Club reference

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    Even if they did plan on it, they would deny it until it came out.

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    Excellent! We missed this weeks deadline but I will use these for future submissions. Keep them coming! Also, we posted a number of new G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary figures on yesterday.
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    Here's another three for the file. (I'm just going to keep throwing them out as they come to me, if that's cool with you.)

    Currently, Grunt is only available in a TRU exclusive three-pack with Hawk (v. 1) and Duke. Hawk is also available in a comic pack with Scarlett, and the second (more iconic) costume is scheduled for an upcoming carded release. Given TRU's spotty history with exclusive availability, and the tiny space devoted to GIJoe in most TRU stores, this has some collectors worried about missing out on Grunt, and therefore having a hole in their "original roster" lineup. Will this uniform for Grunt be made available on a card or in another set, or is it possible that we might see him made available one of his later uniforms in the future?

    And a related two question....

    Hasbro has been doing a good job of interspersing the original team members throughout the line (though the availability of Grunt is causing some concern). However, there's no word yet on a few, like Zap, Short Fuse, Grand Slam, and Steeler. Do you have plans to eventually include all the original team members in their original green uniforms?

    Also, when characters like Zap and Short Fuse (whose original figures differed from their appearances in cartoons and comics) are made, will they be more accurate to those versions? (In other words, will Zap have his moustache and will Short Fuse be wearing glasses?)
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    Strike Grand Slam from the latest question I proposed. I wasn't aware he was packed with a submarine for some strange reason.

    New question:
    In the voting for "Hall of Heroes," there are twelve figures we'd not heard rumors of previously, and which aren't pictured. Most of these are easy to figure out. However, can you provide more information regarding "Specialist Trakker"? Is this a new character, or a new name for an old character?
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    Here's a couple:

    1.) any chance we can get a new version of the following vehicles in the 25th Anniversary line, Cobra Stinger with Stinger Driver, Dreadnok Thundermachine with Trasher, Cobra ASP, Cobra Ferret, GI JOE Silver Mirage Motorcycle, Cobra Rattler and GI JOE Skystriker ?

    2.) why are the figures almost impossible to come by. I have yet to see anything past the repack wave from the original 5 packs.

    3.) is there any chance of getting a Serpenter Figure from how he appears to the cartoon series, with the large cobra headpiece, and snake staff.

    4.) what's the chances of getting a Sgt Slaughter, William the Fridge Perry, or even the cancelled Rocky Balboa figure from the early days of GI JOE.

    5.) Any chances of seeing Cobra-La. Golobolous,Nemisis Enforcer, Pythona, and perhaps the Cobra La guards, maybe even a Cobra Commander before the spors incident in the movie.

    6.) Will we ever see Cover Girl? the comic pack from a few years ago was great however she is long overdue to be bought into the 25th Anniversary line.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks


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