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    Lopcal Wal-Mart finally steps up to the plate

    I am one of the collectors (not scalpers, collectors) who goes in to Wal-Mart at 3:00-3:30 in the morning on my way to work because that is the only time I can (after work is time for my kids). After about a 6-month hiatus from collecting any of the Hasbro stuff, I started going in to Wal-Mart on my way to work again, only to discover that when I did find anything new, it was just remnants.

    I found out that at least one (and maybe 2) of the local Wal-Marts has brgun stocking figures at various times throughout the day to combat the early-morning rush on the figures.

    Now, this will certainly hinder my own figurequest. But it overall combats the scalpers and rude collectors, so I support it 100%.

    Edit - Mods, can you help me out with the spelling of "local" in the title? Thanks!
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    The Wal-Mart i work started doing this to...but it's because the toy manager is lazy...not to stop scalpers. Besides most of the scalpers work at my local wal mart so it's rare to actually get anything besides left overs.

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