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    the WHOLE collection

    Just a question out of curiosity or perhaps envy....

    Does anyone here have their entire collection of Star Wars "stuff" out for display? Many of us have A LOT of stuff, most of it toys, but likely some other odds and ends in the mix too.

    I for one have well over a thousand action figures plus all the vehicles, accessories, and playsets in addition to the books, masks, and every other random Star Wars "thing" that has caught my interest. But very little of my own collection is out for display. Perhaps one day I'll have a home large enough and I'll give in to my inner geekdom enough to dedicate the space necessary to display the massive armies and other display stuff that I want to have out. For me mostly. If others see it, cool. But mostly for me.

    Anyhow, what about you? How much of your stuff is out to look at? 10%? 50%? 100%?

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    I am proud to be able to say 100 percent. But that's only because I put everything I liked on one book shelf and sold the rest about a year ago. I'm much happier with it this way. I will be able to begin doubling it soon though, since I will be moving to a bigger house, and thus will be able to get more book shelves soon.

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    As everyone knows I have everything I own in storage but when I did have it displayed I'd say that I had approximately 60% of it out. That was about 6 years ago so if I had the same amount displayed now the corresponding percentage would be about 30%-40%.
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    I don't even know what I've got anymore. got two shelves worth displayed, cantina and jabba's palce and a ton of stuff in the loft. i gave a lot of space over to doctor who and muppets and invader zim. I simply can't remember whaty i gave to charity shops and what i kept. conservative estimate is about 15 percent of what i own is on display.

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    I used to have it all displayed...about 8 years go. Last time I had i all out was just after TPM. Some time in 2008 I started cataloging my collection. oved most of it into storage in 2005, IIRC. I had amassed so much stuff by then that it was taking up a third of my living room-all in plastic tubs.

    While I love having my collection, I'm growing increasingly displeased about not having it displayed. This is one BIG reason why I really wouldn't mind if the line died off. The sooner the better, for me. Because, I just know myself enough that so long as Hasbro makes SW toys, I'll be collecting some portion of it.

    As to how much is displayed now? Less than one tenth of one percent (maybe even less than that).
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    I used to have everything displayed, but I've moved a few times in the last few years. That and the fact that I'm still in the slow procces of redecorating my colletor room, keeps me from displaying more than what I'ld like.

    Once I get my room finished, I'll be able to display more of what I'd like including being able to sperate my SW stuff from some of my other collections. Plus I still have quite a bit that's in a storage unit in Vegas that I need to go get one of these days.

    I'd say about 25% is displayed at this time.

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    Not a chance in hell I would say, not enough space for the figures let alone the carded & boxed vehicles. I need a very large room (coming down the pipeline very soon) & lots of help to unpack & set-up this collection.

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    About 80%, with the other 20% being the entire TAC line (ran out of shelf space), the Hasbro 12" line, some of the ROTS vehicles, and extra figures and such.
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    Here is what my collection looked like at the old house. Currently everything is in boxes, except for the new stuff I've gotten since the move. I really don't know when I'll be able to set it up again . . . we're waiting a while to finish the basement and then I'll be able to put it up, but I'll be at college anyway and not living at home except for summer. Eh I'll probably end up getting it all set up in the basement anyway.
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    I have all my books displayed (that's about 200 comics and trade paperbacks, plus 200+ novels [mainly paperbacks]), but very little else. I have a lot of stuff, so most of that ends up boxed, sadly.
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