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    Dear Hasbro, If you really want to make money...

    Here is a simple way for Hasbro to make some SERIOUS cash with little or no expense to the company.

    Reproduce the following figures from existing molds on their original cards. These are guaranteed money makers that could be sold in a non-movie year. Since they have already been done, the cost of mfg. would be significantly less than the cost of R and D for new figures. In addition, these are figures that many kids would also like to get, because many are core characters or just have cool features that kids like. Here is the list:

    Power of the Force:

    CommTech figures:

    3X Admiral Motti
    3X Princess Leia
    3X R2-D2 with holo Liea
    3X Stormtrooper

    Cinema Scenes:

    4X Mynock Hunt
    4X Death Star Escape

    Freeze Frame:

    3X Leia Hoth
    3X AT-AT Driver
    3X Death Star Droid
    3X Pote Snitkin

    6X Ree-Yees
    6X Death Star Trooper

    4X Darth Vader (First Pose)
    4X Stormtrooper
    4X Snowtrooper

    4X AT-ST Driver
    4X TIE Fighter Pilot
    4X Grand Moff Tarkin

    4X Emperor Palpatine
    4X Emperor's Royal Guard
    4X Garindan

    4X Ishi Tib
    4X Zuckuss
    4X Captain Piett

    6X Darth Vader with Removable Helmet
    6X Boba Fett

    12X Weequay

    12X Sandtrooper

    Expanded Universe:

    3X Mara Jade
    3X Luke Skywalker from Dark Empire
    3X Princess Leia from Dark Empire

    3X Imperial Sentinel from Dark Empire
    3X Clone Emperor Palpatine from Dark Empire
    3X Grand Admiral Thrawn from Heir to the Empire

    3X Kyle Katarn from Dark Forces
    3X Spacetrooper from Heir to the Empire
    3X Dark Trooper from Dark Forces

    Episode 1:

    4X Pit Droid 2-pack
    4X Queen Amidala (Naboo Battle)
    4X Sio Bibble

    4X Darth Sidious Hologram
    4X Naboo Royal Guard (with removable helmet)
    4X Jar-Jar Binks (Naboo Swamp)

    4X TC-14
    4X R2-B1
    4X Yoda with Episode 1 on the card

    Cinema Scene:

    8X Watto's Box

    Power of the Jedi:

    6X Battle Droid (Security)
    6X Battle Droid (Boomer Damaged)

    6X Scout Trooper (Clean)
    6X Scout Trooper (Dirty)

    6X Rebel Trooper (Tantive 4 Defender)
    6X Imperial Officer

    12X Sandtrooper (though you could sell more of these by changing the colors of their should pauldron, say 3 colors from the movie. You could pack 4 of each color per case.)

    4X Coruscant Guard
    4X Gungan Warrior
    4X Mon Calamari Officer

    3X Lando Calrissian
    3X Jar-Jar Binks (Tatooine)
    3X R2-Q5
    3X Tessek
    (AKA case # 84455.000 S) this supossedly shipped in May of 2001 but was hard to find.

    These are broken down by suggested case assortment. You will find the mix is made up of "army builders" as well as "hard to find" merchandise.

    If Hasbro were to put out these cases, they would be able to DOUBLE their revenue from the Star Wars line during non-movie years. These could be done inbetween shipments of new merchandise. After the initial release of the AOTC line, begining around fall of 2002 and ending in early 2005.

    Just a thought.
    May the force be with you.

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    You forgot the mysterious Eopie that was only released overseas.
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    Originally posted by rdrunr89
    You forgot the mysterious Eopie that was only released overseas.
    Agreed, they should release that thru the fan club atleast. Just because stores over-ordered E1 stuff, alot of fans got shafted on picking up alot of the last E1 figures. Hasbro should be making these figures avaliable thru the fan club, helping their customers get what they wanted.

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    Oops, my apologies.

    I should have mentioned that these were figures only.

    There are many others that would sell very well to include:

    Episode 1

    Accessory sets:

    3X Hyperdrive Repair Kit
    3X Rappel Line Attack
    3X Tatooine Disguise
    3X Podracer Refuel

    Beast Packs:

    6X Eopie with Qui-Gon Jinn

    6X Jabba the Hutt with 2-Headed Announcer

    Power of the Force:

    Beast Pack:

    3X Luke and Wampa
    3X Han and Tauntaun

    Feel free to add items that I have missed.

    Also, the European Pit Droid 2-packs would sell like hotcakes here in the US along with those Battle Droid 2-packs.
    May the force be with you.

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    these would just clog up the pegs. no retailer is going to stock 5 year old toys, unless they can retail for about a dollar.

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    Originally posted by derek
    these would just clog up the pegs. no retailer is going to stock 5 year old toys, unless they can retail for about a dollar.
    Agreed, but make them avaliable either thru the Fan Club, or directly thru Hasbro's 800 number like they did in 1996-1997 with some of the hard to find figures, and you get the best of both worlds.

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    I wish that a regular customer would be able to order directly from Hasbro. If I could, I would order 2 of every action figure, 1 to open and 1 to store away or display. I know that one of the company's that advertise on SSG offers the "1 of every...", but at the prices that are charged it's rediculous. I've ordered thru my comic store/Previews, for a case. The price that i was charged was in the range of $6.25 per. I'd like to do it for E2 also, but there needs to be some way of telling what is in the case. I'd hate to get multiple cases of the same 4-5 figures.
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    I've NEVER had any luck dealing with the Fan Club. Besides, do they ship outside the US?

    I know that Coll. 3 FF stuff is old, but do you really think these would warm pegs? Most of this stuff is selling on ebay for $20.00 plus! As for the EP1 stuff? It's so hard to find that MOST collectors are still looking for them.

    I'm not saying that they should ship in the same numbers as the regular line. But if Hasbro offered to do an exclusive type deal with TRU, they could unload these things at $6.99 per figure and collectors would snatch these up quick!

    Heck, if they shipped HALF as many of the Coll. 3 FF and HTF EP1 as they did the R2-D2, Bespin Luke, Mon Mothma FF figs collectors would be happy. And Hasbro could make some SERIOUS cash.

    I you think that just because a figure is old it won't sell, just try putting any one of the figures I've listed out on a peg at TRU and see how long it sits there.
    May the force be with you.

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    Its a nice theory. But think about it. You just listed a lot of figures you probably don't have, but the reason you don't have them is the super-hardcore collectors already bought them when they were on the shelves originally. So they have no desire to buy more, so if you put them on the shelves, maybe 3 or 4 people who don't have them will pick them up, but the rest will stay on the shelves.

    Hasbro is not gonna reproduce almost 4 years worth of figures because they were somewhat hard to find initially. If they only produced 1000 of each you listed, they'd have to produce over 60000 units of product that was already release a few years ago, with no guarantee that it will sell, that's still a risk.

    They'd have to find all those molds (if they still exist,) start up those machines, I'm assuming you want them on the original cards so they'd have to make more of them, that's a year's worth of work right there, a year with just rereleases, no new figures....

    It was a nice thought, but when you think about it, it doesn't work real well. I'd rather Hasbro concentrate on new stuff instead of reproducing old stuff again.
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    the only time i would favor the re-release of a figure is if hasbro wanted to keep a core figure on the pegs instead of a resculpt.


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