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Thread: Favorite Han?

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    Well, I like the Endor/Trench Coat Han.

    However, as a kid I wanted the Carbonite Han for a LONG time. I still remember how happy I was when my parents bought him for me. I also remember how hard he was to find back THEN.

    Anyway, when I got back into collecting the vintage stuff, he was one of the first figures I had to get. So he remains my favorite.

    Besides, I always felt like you get 2 Hans with the Carbon Freeze regular and one frozen block Han...hehehehe
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    Han Hoth. I liked the holster too. Great place to put his gun.

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    My favorite's Bespin Han. I don't know why, but he's always been one of my favoite vintage figures

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    This is one of the hardest categories to judge for me. Hoth Han is my favorite figure of all time, but Trench Coat Han's probably #2. The holster (even though it's backwards) was cool, and the costume's great, too. I liked most of the Hoth figures.
    Hoth Han: 9.8/10.0
    Trench Coat Han: 9.79/10.0
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    Trenchcoat Han was my first and is still my favorite Han figure. I think the cloth trenchcoat is what pushes him over the top for me. I've always wanted the Carbonite version, but from the pictures I've seen he seems to just be a slightly altered Trenchcoat Han.
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