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    It was a rumbler here, like a truck getting closer, but somehow not fading away for an unreal extra few beats. For a 4.2 just 8 miles north, it was at least a milder quake. Lots of stress has been building up in the tectonic plates, these bursts are to be expected, hopefully these will release that energy, but it seems too much to ask.
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    I thought I was feeling mini-earthquakes much of last night and this morning before I got out of bed but a website check revealed nothing; then, after I'm out of bed, I learn of a 3.5 one about 20 miles north of me. Odd.
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    Alaska had an 8.0 (or 7.9, depending on which source you read) off its western tip yesterday. Tsunami warnings were lifted.
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    I've noticed that several 3.0+ earthquakes have been "moving" down CA, from the north through the center of the state over the past week or so. Concern?
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    Almost at 1000 CA/NV quakes over the past week, with larger (biggest in Big Bear was over 4.0) ones moving southward. Several recent bigger ones around the SoCal region now.

    [edit] Now make that OVER 1100 in that time (but not 1138).
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    It's summer. The faults are moving around on vacation!
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    There sure does seem to be a swarm down here. Dare I repeat the horribly inaccurate and terribly overused "earthquake weather?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maradona View Post
    Dare I repeat the horribly inaccurate and terribly overused "earthquake weather?"
    Wait, wha-?!? But I heard about that even BEFORE the Internet, so it MUST be true!

    And the earthquake website shows 1258 within the last week (that means over 100 new ones since yesterday).
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    Hot off the press is the USGS' updated map on where seismic hazards are most likely. I live in an orange zone (third highest risk) which is not surprising since I live a mere 40 miles from the San Andreas Fault (as the crow flies).
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    One of the biggest CA quakes in many years: a 6.0 around the Bay Area. So far, no deaths but quite a bit of damage, especially older historic buildings. And a couple 3.0+ around SoCal the past days, too.
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