I was awakened out of a deep sleep around 5:30 this morning by a rather loud booming sound that shook the walls of my bedroom. Stuff was falling off my dresser and I sat straight up in bed, wondering what the hell was going on.

My first thought was tornado - and I jumped out of bed, pulled on some shorts and rushed to the front door to look outside, but the night skies were clear and stars were shining. There was a train going by on the track in the distance, but trains on that line have never shook the house like this. It had to be an earthquake.

So I flipped on the TV and sure enough the local news anchors started reporting calls about the quake and said that the studio was hit too.

According to CNN, an earthquake measuring 5.2 magnitude hit the Midwest. The epicenter was in southern Illinois near the Indiana border.

I'm sure SoCal forumites will probably pooh-pooh us Midwesterners, but earthquake tremors aren't a part of daily life here. So did anyone else feel it?