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Thread: Favorite Leia?

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    best leia

    gotta go with the original , most of the others I didn't get until I started collecting again in 95 , the original I had since I was a kid and it is on my desk right now , although capeless and missing a touch of paint

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    Boushh, Endor and Classic are all first rate.

    Bespin Leia only slightly less first rate.

    Frumpy Hoth Leia sucks big ones. Ewwwww.

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    Thumbs up

    Only reason Boushh Leia finishes second is that there's only one gripping hand. The Combat Poncho one has a holster, three removable items (helmet, poncho, holster), and two gripping hands. Extra things always put those figures over the top.
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    Combat Poncho Leia: most accessories, still better than the POTF2/POTJ versions, best Leia likeness in the vintage line.

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