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    Imperial Jumptrooper

    Another week. Another EU figure review. Two Star Wars figure reviews in two weeks, that hasn't happened in awhile.

    Any way, I managed to score a Jumptrooper this week while looking in vain for the panning droid. I had a couple of likes and dislikes on this figure. Check out the review here:


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    The Jumptrooper looks soooo jealous in that last photo.

    This is probably the one figure I'm most likely to get from the TFU line. If it had come with a rocketpack, it would be a definite buy for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    The Jumptrooper looks soooo jealous in that last photo.
    I had heard of somebody on another board doing that with the new Cobra Air Trooper. I figured if it was good enough for Cobra, it was good enough for my straight armed Flash. Makes me wish I had got two of those Bobas though.

    Glad you liked it,


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