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    Vader hunts and injures Jedi

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    Funny that he was drinking boxed wine. That's classy.

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    Calling Jargo....

    Americanese translation, please:

    What's a "bin bag"?
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    trash/garbage can sack. trash/garbage can liner. usually black or green or white or blue. or yellow if it's medical waste. also usually made from the thinnest polythene plastic so anything sharp or pointy can tear through and spill all kinds of nastiness on you as you take the bag out of the bin. or so it can burst at the most comedic moment and spill its contents everywhere.

    wine box is so so classy dontcha think. wine from a bag in a box. might just as well drink the leftover dregs from restaurants and bars.

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    Thank you, Jargo. I kinda sorta thought is had "dust bin" connotations but wasn't quite sure.
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    It sounds like this guy had a really fun time though.


    I want to do this too. I don't know where you purchase wine in a box though.

    And my trash bags are white. So I'll have to be the Expanded Universe version of Vader.

    That guy had a really good idea. Now where is there a Jedi Church in California that's close by so I can attack?

    BTW, why did they call it a Jedi Church? It should be a Jedi Temple.

    I should start a Sith Temple. But I can only recruit ONE other member. Maybe I can't even do that - what with my multiple personalities. I'll have to be the Master AND the Apprentice.

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    Darth Vader! Darth Vader!!!!!!!!

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    If he drank almost 3 gallons of boxed wine, I'm surprised he could assault anyone.

    The liver is strong with this one.


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