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    Me too, Carrie Fisher has seen better days.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthQuack View Post
    Me too, Carrie Fisher has seen better days.
    More like "years". How awkward of a check was that to earn? And what was up with Chewbrutha?
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    Good God that was the dullest things I've ever seen.
    I was a bored as Carrie Fisher looked.
    That was one goofy lookin' Chewbacca and Darth "Look at me shake my fist every two seconds" Vader was almost as irritating as Howie Mandel and that lame forced suspense they try and pull off too expand the length of the show.

    At least the slave girls looked good.
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    I actually thought Carrie looked better then recent times I've seen her. Maybe that's just me. I was very impressed when the Troopers came out in formation. That was pretty cool. Of course the Slave Models was awesome . . some looked better then I have seen before. At least Howie didn't make any lame Star Wars jokes.

    But more then that it was just good fun. Any one of us would have been thrilled to be there on stage, no matter what you say here. It would have just been plain awesome and fun more then anything.

    On a side note, the first contestant . . .. her "personal banker" . . . .that was a very large tall man . . I thought they brought out Jabba for a moment. Matter of fact my wife asked if that was his costume . . .
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    I gave up on the show after about 30 mintues. It just moves toooo sloooow.

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    I like the show in general anyway, so it being a SW special added to it for me. Some corny references but nothing too over the top I thought.
    Carrie did look better than past years, IMO.

    The models as Slave Leia looked...well do I really even need to comment there.

    Dar, I completely agree with you. Anyone of us would have been juiced to be there. SW episode aside, that's some serious money to have a chance to win.

    One thing though, the second contestant said he had maybe 400 toys and saw the movies 20 times each. What? Okay, maybe he might seem like a huge fan to "outsiders," but come on, there are more than that in figures even if you only get one of each. And what's up with 20 times...Cripes I saw the OT more than that during it's original run in theaters, let alone all of the VCR and DVD veiwings.

    Ooh, when Howie mentioned the guy had been to conventions, I'm glad no jokes were made there. Though I wish the guy would have said which one(s), even if just to say "Celeration" or SDCC. We would have known.

    Still all in all a neat episode. I tried to record it to my computer, but for some reason couldn't get it to work right. So I suppose it will be YouTube for me if I want to see that show again.
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    I realized that I now need to be aware of my SW comments making me out to be more of a dorkus minorkus than I already am. I was impressed with the troopers' ability to open those cases in the unis; not so easy to do in those gloves, plus standing in place (minus commercial breaks) for a while. Vader's "voice" was pre-recorded, rather than a vocie changer on-set, I believe, because the lady set him up for some good responses, and some were not related to her statements. I'd have put Rebel or Imperial emblems on the cases; eBay would've make a killing off those collectibles.

    [edit] Might be time to move this to the TV section, perhaps SW:TV, mods?
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    I rather enjoyed it. I got a little teary eyed seeing the Stormtroopers coming up with the cases. Recorded it on VHS tape, since I'm not technologically savy. My Fiance' and I stepped out for a bite to eat, and came back shortly after the second contestant had started his round.

    One stupid thing I did was text for the now model. Six times before I read about the dollar charge per text message. I was trying to win the $10,000, but someone in a town not to far from me won it.
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    whats a VHS?


    I saw it. I thought it was pretty cool. The troopers looked bada&& coming down, and I thought Carrie looked okay. It did get a little hokey through-out, and yeah her personal banker couldve passed for a hut.

    - and I too on the 2nd round thought to myself when the guy said 20.. what? 20? your either lying to save face, or you really arent THAT much of a fan. ...and being that the show was FOR geeks.. ( if you will, no disprespect,, but we are what we are.. ) he shouldnt have been lying..

    I for one would have loved to be on the show for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobafrett View Post
    I rather enjoyed it. I got a little teary eyed seeing the Stormtroopers coming up with the cases.
    Teary eyed??? Man I had chills run up my back when they came out. And the comment about watching each about 20 times threw me a bit . . . and yeah . . Vader's voice did seem a bit pre-recorded . . . which kinda doesn't make sense, how could they know the amount they should offer . . . All in all I enjoyed it. Nice to still see Star Wars making is way into the populous.
    Dar' is no longer "Live in Orlando" . . . he may "Not be in Orlando" either . . .
    You're slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter.


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