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    Build-a-droid part news: oh joy . . .

    From TheJawa's Q&A:

    3: For the figures that are going to contain pieces for the build-a-droid assortments, how are you going to pack these figures in case ratio wise so that fans and collectors can get everything that they want/need to build the droids? For the astromech droids you said it would be 6 figures to a droid, so that would mean 2 of each figure in a 12 figure case. But, for the protocol droids, you said 8 figures per wave would build 2 driods. But how are you going to pack those 8 figures in a 12 figure case? Basically stores are going to end up with 2 and 1/2 droids per case? Do you think that these "extra" figures are going to get left behind and become peg warmers? Especially when it will be the same 4 in every case?? Do you think this is going to cause problems at retail? Or cause problems with the fans?

    Outstanding question and one we are happy to answer. The case will remain a 12 pack, and we will work only with "whole" droids available in every case pack, with either 2 copies of that protocol available in every case or 3 Astros (2 of one Astro and 1 of the second). There will be no cases with only half droids available. We have thought this through *very* carefully, understanding the needs of collectors, and we have a case ratio solution that should satisfy everyone. Here is our approach: First, the Droid Factory line is designed so that collectors only have to buy one of each new (and that includes new tool as well as refreshed/updated) figure to get every part needed to complete every bonus buildable droid. If collectors just bought 1 each of figures 1-52 (approximate number we expect by end of Spring 2009) in the first wave in which they are introduced, they will have all the droids. Second, there is some redundancy built into the lineup in two ways: there will be select "greatest hits" that round out the case packs that will carry duplicates of the droid parts (these are usually kid-targeted figures, or figures where nothing has changed so figure completists can ignore these), as well as typical carryforwards we do from wave to wave to maximize potential for certain characters. Sometimes there will be 2 of each new figure in every case, and some waves will have 1 of each new figure as well as some greatest hits/carryforwards from prior waves. Third, when figures are carried forward from one wave to the next, they will switch to the new droids available rather than carryforward what would be an "old" part when the new droids are intro'd. So that means that when we get to Wave 2, for example, it will only be protocol droid parts in the case pack and no Astro Droid parts, and vice-versa. This is to give a more ample distribution of each new droid as our intent is to NOT make certain droids scarcer overall but to have good availability. This does mean that popular characters that will be continued across waves, such as Vader, will have several droid combinations possible depending upon how many waves he is slotted into. We are cognizant of minimizing these variations and are working to keep these combinations down for the true completist who has to have everything, but carryforwards are inevitable to satisfy our kid market.
    Basically, when the figures ship out again, they will have different droid parts, which will likely make it harder to get the whole droid if you don't get the figure right away. Also, any army builders in the "greatest hits" line will have a bunch of useless droid parts.

    Hopefully it won't be so bad, but it still kind of sucks.
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    Yeah, but they'll be duplicate parts to help folks finish their droids easier. It sounds to me more like they're trying to make it easier for folks to complete the droids. Even if they're actually making things more difficult for themselves.

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    Wow i hope it doesnt end up where there is the one pack noone wants on the shelves at all times. that would suck

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    How come a get a negative feeling with this already? People going for certain droid parts instead of figures so they can complete them, and the parts someone needs not being in the figure they want to buy. This is gonna really suck. Mark my words. Hasbro can't even sell their marvel legends (by the way). This thing is gonna suck.
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    it would have been so much easier to box up a bunch of droids and sell them separately without all this stupid hunting needed. As i understand it people were wanting a modern take on the droid factory idea not a frustrating search and having to buy figures they don't want just to get that missing part. build a figure dealios work great for larger characters where you couldn't get the whole thing on a blister, great way to get a big dude out. But on a tiny figure it's pretty useless as a concept.

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    It would have been better if they just packed random droid parts in with each figure so no one could tell which part (or even which droid) was included. To make it even sweeter they could REALLY limit the heads of the droids, making it virtually impossible to complete any of them without buying hundreds of figures.


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    I'm just glad they're all EU droids (I think?) so I won't have to stress about getting them all. (Though if I'm missing one part, I guess I will make the effort to finish it off.)

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    Maybe they'll consider offering up just the various parts as a mail away offer down the road so people can finish off their droids for a reasonable price. I'm going to post the concept in Dear Hasbro in case they venture in there.

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    does anyon know when the Walmart Build a Droid Exclusives are going to be coming around. I thought they were set for an April release ? have they been set for the 7/26 launch date as well.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    does anyon know when the Walmart Build a Droid Exclusives are going to be coming around. I thought they were set for an April release ? have they been set for the 7/26 launch date as well.
    I think most of them are slated for 7/26, but don't quote me on that.


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