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    June 1-2 - Hudson Valley Sci Fi Expo

    Hi! Qui-Gon Jimm here! Just wanted to alert everyone in the Tr-State area that on June 1-2, 2002, we will be holding a Star Wars related convention. There will be Dealer Tables, Star Wars Actors and Artists and lots of entertainment both days. Eric Walker who played Mace Towani in the Ewok movies will be making his 1st US appearance. Uncle Owen Phil Brown will also be there as well as Mara Jade herself - Shannon Baksa. Felix Silla will also be there both days to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans. Felix was an Ewok in ROTJ, but is better known as Twikki from Buck Rogers and Cousin Itt from the Addams Family! You can get more info by emailing me or visiting our site at -

    The show is not for profit and all money raised will be donated for local youth programs. A special Charity auction will also be held to benefit the victims families from the 9/11 tragedy. If you have a Star Wars web site, we ask that you please add our link to your site. Thank you and we hope to see you there! Qui-Gon Jimm

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    Mark Austin who played Boba Fett in the Star Wars Special Edition has been added! Mark was also an animator for ILM and did the SW:SE creature design for the Rontos, Dewbacks and scurriers!

    Check out the site -

    Hope to see you there!

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    Just a Quick Update -

    All the Guests are now confirmed. Mark Austin - Boba Fett will be there all day Saturday, but only the morning on Sunday. Due to his busy schedule with Disney, he must be back to work on Mon AM.

    There is also going to be a huge press release sent out this week to all the tri-state media. The local cable company may be broadcasting live from the show all weekend as well!

    I am not sure if there are any Wrestling fans out there, but we have lined up about 8 Pro Wrestlers who will be appearing throughout the weekend. Indy Wrestler/Manager Dangerous Johnny Diamond is organizing 3-4 different wrestlers each day. Most will be former WCW, WWF and ECW guys. Already confirmed is Extacy - a female wrestler featured in the viseo Wrestling ViXXXens. Also, RoadKill will be appearing on Sunday.

    We are waiting on confirmation from Crowbar, Ballz Mahoney, Chris Candido and Tammy(formerly Sunny in the WWF) and a few others.

    Members from will be there dressed in Prop Replica Stormtrooper uniforms, a Darth Vader as well as Imperial Officers and Queen Amidala as well as others from the SW Universe.

    -----------ATTENTION SirSteve Forum MEMBERS---------------

    All SirSteve Forum members can take an additional $2 off each advance ticket - 1 Day(total of $8 or 2 Day Pass(total of $13) - or $10 off a VIP ticket(total of $115). This offer is good until May 1st, and you must mention that you are a NYSWCC member and your site Name! Ticket order forms are on the website -
    Fill out the order form and make sure you mention SirSteve's Forum and your site Name on the form!

    If you are not a member join now and take advantage of a Great Weekend geared toward true Star Wars Fans! If you plan on attending both days, we highly recommend the VIP pass that includes 2 lunches and a Dinner with the Stars! We are working on some surprise guests for the Dinner!



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