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    AOTC Obi-Wan JSF and Clone Wars Deco Republic Gunship out now!

    Nabbed them yesterday at a Wal-Mart in Butte, MT. If they're out here, they should be out everywhere soon (if they're not already)

    I had to do a double-take, as I was familiar with the JSF but then I realized it wasn't Saesee Tiin (SP) but Obi-Wan! Looking through the rest of the pegs I discovered the Republic Gunship with the Clone Wars Face deco on it as well (which I like a lot though the pain job REALLY makes the nose of the ship mode look HUGE!)

    So, they're out- just FYI.

    JT if you want pics let me know

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    I seen these also. While visiting family across state in Bethlehem, PA, I stop in a WM to get some stuff for the return trip and went to look at the toys. Didn't really expect to find anything, but I found Obi-Wan, ARC Gunship, and finally a AT-AT. I ended up getting the AT-AT, would have gotten the others, but, my kids found somethings they wanted. Oh well, next time.
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    I saw both of these at WM in Los Angeles on Saturday as well. I do own the Saesee JSF and didn't really like it so I passed on the Obi-Wan JSF. I also have the Gunship which I do like so I bought the Clone Wars repaint of it.

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    Obi-Wan is the only TF I'm looking forward to picking up, but I don't really need pics, thanks for offering though. What do you think of 'em beyond liking the paint of the gunship?
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    I think that as far as the SW TF line goes, the clone aesthetic seems to translate better in bot mode than other characters. The only non clone SW TF's I own are the Saesee JSF and Obi-Wan ROTS JSF so that's my limited frame of reference.

    Bear in mind that I'd probably only give it a B- grade so it's not that greatn and definitely one where alt mode is the main draw. The body has a heavily armored clone look to it which makes the much too small head look even smaller. On Cody, it's small as well but not as glaring for some reason.


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