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    This promotion was a joke...plain & simple. August, and nuthin' in my mailbox. Should have sent the card back. So much for a sneak-preview figure!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    I got 2 of this figure, and to be honest, I don't remember ordering 2. The figure is alright, like all the animated clone bodies it's a little lanky and tall. I hate how the armor looks without its grime though, I saw the basic version today and it's a world of difference.

    1 of the 2 I got was horribly mangled at the top of the box, the other only slightly mangled (whoopee?). I like that they didn't make the pop-up display cardback sealed on all sides, it's perforated at the top and then just a little tape on the sides. But ultimately, this is a "meh" set to me, came too late and is underwhelming.
    I preferred the clean one. Sad that "only slightly" disappointed is a preferred feeling. If it had come out on time, it'd have been much better to me. I might have been more excited about the release, instead of "meh," too.
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    I got mine yesterday and was very disappointed. I thought for sure it was gonna be a "realistic-style" version of the figure, but instead the only difference between this and the one in stores is the cardback that opens up into a background scene. At least for me it's still a "different" figure, as I'm not collecting the cartoon figs, but it definitely was not what I was expecting.
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    The other difference is the larger weapons.
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    I am glad I didnt send off for it, lets see if memory serves me right on this one - New Clone Wars Captain Rex just send of 4 proofs of purchase (so what theres like 27.96) and also send in 6.99 for a Free Figure (love to know how this figure was free), ok fair enough you may have wanted the other figures that you bought but how many of you were trying to get multiples of this figure.

    Or you could have waited and paid 6.99 and not bothered wasting the time to get the figure, .


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