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    PB&J, banana, water. As it's Lent once again, and today is Friday.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    On a lenten Friday, I had some cheese pizza.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Either a medium or small (I ordered medium, it looks sort of medium-sized, was charged the small price) Sonic chili cheese tots, H20.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Leftover fries and one onion ring, ranch dressing, a brownie. Water.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Leftover fries and one onion ring, ranch dressing, a brownie. Water.
    Hey, I had a brownie, too. My mom brought some over. That's about all I have eaten since breakfast. That, plus a few handfuls of cereal (Fred Meyer version of Lucky Charms), and a couple swigs of Gatorade. So, now I am hungry for dinner.

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    Had lunch at Mom's with the bro and sis. Had some pizza, a sandwich, some chips and soda from a Soda Stream.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Chips, salsa, guac... someone went to Chipotle and that's all I wanted. LOL
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    Spaghetti and mixed vegetables with a little butter, garlic powder, red peppers, white pepper, oregano, parmesan, and olive oil. Good stuff, only time I ever enjoy mushrooms (the carrots in the mixed vegetables don't work as well but they're ok. There was something I didn't like there though, I cannot remember what, maybe the broccoli).
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