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    My sister wants to go to lunch, so it's looking like either Souplantation or Baja Fresh (I didn't end up going to Baja Fresh on Monday... I went to Souplantation ).
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    I'd pick Baja Fresh. Souplantation always seems a ripoff to me. And Baja Fresh has some of the best bloody burritos you can get from a chain restaurant.
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    I just had a steak lunch with the San Diego Padres. Details and pictures will be in the biesbol "nueve - whatever" (my knowledge of Spanish is almost non-existant) sometime later. I don't have time to download my camera right this minute.

    But it was the 2009 Season Awards Banquet. I had my batting practice tapes reviewed privately, as well. I was informed I did very well!
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    Baja Fresh is pretty good, but I'd definitely not quantify them as the best chain restaurant burritos. There's El Torito and even Wahoo's (which I only got turned onto because they are downstairs from Tycho's apartment) that right off the top of my head are better in my book. Baja Fresh's best thing is that they have decent prices and nice salsa & chips, but their burritos are all kinda simplistic - chicken, beans and/or rice, sauce, maybe veggies - they all kinda flow the same. That said, you add "enchilado style" and you have something special.

    I almost never feel ripped off at Souplantation, but I love sides more than entrees usually. Monday, I had caesar salad, a custom pasta salad, a baked potato, pepperoni pizza, alfredo & garlic, a delightful cheese soup, and pumpkin cake with caramel sauce all for $9.

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    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I had leftover Chicken a la King for lunch.
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    Left over hamburger patty from two nights ago on a French roll; with chips and H20.
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    I went to Jimmy John's and had a #10 (no tomato), chocolate chip cookie and a ice tea.

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    Being out and about, I only had some water and one Special Dark Hershey's Kiss.
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    I went all culinary and heated up a frozen Bean&Cheese burrito, and washed it down with Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch
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    Turkey on cottage wheat, brown deli mustard, kosher pickle, baked doritos, and coke zero. Yep, what I have pretty much every day.
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