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    A fellow teacher was given too many french fries for lunch, so after my lunch meat (chicken bologna) sandwich, banana, and water lunch, she gave me the fries she couldn't eat. How nice.
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    Yesterday was one of those "oh, I guess I should eat something for lunch" days, so it was a hot dog (w/ ketchup) on a biscuit (left over from a previous meal), with a glass of water. Oh, and two Ruffle chips.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Was invited to a late-morning (which became early afternoon) birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. Their food has improved exponentially since I last was in one (and I have NO idea how long ago that was... perhaps over 20 years?), with nice cibatta bread sandwiches (chicken or ham), buffalo wings, veggie tray and dip, plus the usual pizza, fries, soda.
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    Friend's place: Wild Wings to-go orders of teriyaki and BBQ (hickory? regular?) boneless wings, fries, sun tea. What better to go with college football on the couch?
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    This was supposed to be my breakfast but I forgot about it so instead it became my lunch: Eggo chocolate waffles. Not all that good imho.

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    I have a really nice sushi set for lunch. I stopped by the market this morning to get some stevia and happened to spot these out on the kiosk early, so I decided to go for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimJamBonds View Post
    Ham and cheese...
    Did you catch that, Jp? That's what I call flirting with disaster!

    Brave man, that JJB!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    Did you catch that, Jp? That's what I call flirting with disaster!

    Brave man, that JJB!
    Ahhh... thank you???


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