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    I haven't been grocery shopping, and I didn't want to eat out, so I made home-fries with ketchup and some chocolate milk.
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    Today I had a ham and cheese sandwich, some doritos and a red bull !!

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    I brought London Broil on Health Nut with a slice of CoJack cheese and some horseradish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    That's nothin' akin to road kill, is it, JT?
    Pretty much the same, except you're paying McDonalds to fry it up.

    I ended up having freezer food for lunch, and I don't even remember what.

    Today shall be a total mystery as well, and this time road food or a restaurant is definitely in my future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by My more boring twin
    A day in the past 06:17 PM
    Bel-Cam Jos Quote:
    Yesterday's Bel-Cam Jos @ 08:27 PM

    I had a special lunch today:

    - [sliced turkey] sandwich on white
    - banana
    - water
    Wonder (not the brand of bread, BTW) what I'll have t'morrah?
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    Had the Jackeroo Chops at Outback. Pork chops to you maties. They are a well kept secret.

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    Had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and a moutain dew !!

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    I had to eat at BK in order to get an Indy Tomb Reveal toy. I know that you can just buy them but this particular location near my work does not allow that without a food purchase.

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    Thats how my local McDonalds is too ! They wont sell you a speed racer toy , they make you buy the happy meal !! But thats ok cuz I like their cheeseburgers.

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    Yesterday, I had a buffalo chicken salad, which was a Ceasar salad, with chicken dipped in buffalo sauce, no dressing, and a water.
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