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I might have another one of those white chicken garlic pizza lean pockets, or I also have a Lean Cuisine BBQ chicken pizza. I have reduced fat Triscuits and sundried tomato and basil Wheat Thins. I have some kettle corn I can pop. For something sweeter I have Quaker Chewy granola bars and some pudding cups I got from Costco. To quench my thirst, I have some grape juice open, Gatorade, and some small bottles of Tree Top juice (Ochango, Kiwi Strawberry or Mango Peach). So I have lots of stuff to keep me filled up. The question then becomes, "Will I be hungry for dinner, and if so, what to eat then?"
So, I did not eat all of the above. About an hour before the game, I got some snacks together. I took a Kraft single and split into four and put each part on a Triscuit and melted it a bit. I had some of the Wheat thins and a granola bar. I had the Lean Cuisine BBQ chicken pizza, and a bottle of the kiwi strawberry juice. After that, I didn't feel like having anything else until dinner. For that, I had Campbell's chicken fajita soup, and I blended up a banana with some apricot mango yogurt, orange juice and some frozen cool whip.