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Hot dog rice. It's a somewhat weird concoction of my own design, and certainly not one of the healthier ones I've come up with. Chop a few wieners into small pieces, fry them with diced onions, then mix into rice with nacho cheese, mustard, ketchup, sliced cucumber, chili, hot sauce, banana peppers, relish, and giardinara sauce. Like a hot dog--or a heart attack--in a bowl.

Methinks I'll be watching the fat intake more closely than normal for a few days now.
Sometimes if I have leftover rice, I'll fix something similar for dinner. I'll put the rice in a frying pan and add some frozen peas, turkey spam (or actual ham if I have some), worcestershire sauce, and an egg. When I am about done, I'll put a slice of cheese on top and fold the rice on top of it. After I put it on my plate, I'll add some barbecue sauce.