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Boboli pizza crust + Ragu pizza sauce + Costco shredded cheese + 400ºF heat for 20 minutes = lunch.
That's a really long time to heat one of those. It's been decades since I have had a Boboli bread shell, but I don't remember them taking that long. Even frozen pizzas don't usually take that long, pizza is supposed to be baked fast and at high temp, that 400 is about high enough but 20 minutes, wow. Did it turn out ok? Also, why no toppings? I have no idea why, but I'm utterly fascinated by this.

I am entirely unsure what I'm going to do for lunch, even now when I'm supposed to be making a decision of whether to go out to pick up someone for a lunch or not. My ribs no longer feel like they're being kicked every time I cough, but I am lightheaded just from doing a light load of laundry (linens! alliteration!) and still coughing a little. So, either Souplantation or a 6th day of frozen meals and/or cans of soup.