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    Yesterday: Stage Door Cafe corn dog (still grateful to JT for telling me how awesome those are) and cheesesticks.
    Word up on the corn dog! Stage Door Cafe, "Little Red Wagon" Corn Dog Cart in Disneyland, and Corn Dog Castle in DCA all have 'em. I tried the hot link corn dog at Corn Dog Castle, didn't really do it for me, they were both quality ingredients but the flavors didn't work as well together, so I recommend sticking to the original and best. BTW, the reason it's now at the Stage Door is because when they took the Little Red Wagon down for refurbishment a few years ago, they had enough equipment and capacity at Stage Door and Golden Horseshoe (they share a wall, after all) to temporarily move it over there, and when the Little Red Wagon was back up and running the demand was high enough that they decided to keep it at the Stage Door as well. Mmm, my birthday trip to Disneyland is coming up, and I think that'll be a must-have.
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    A slice of Little 2-1B's pizza and some of their pan loco. Water, too.
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    Water. If that counts. Spent the afternoon helping Mrs. TI7 put the finishing touches on her classroom for Monday.
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    Teriyaki burger at the zoo. Not especially good. If the profits didn't go toward animal conservation, I'd never eat there and I'd feel ripped off.
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    Campbell's Golden Lentil with Madras Curry (along with 3/4ths of a cup of rice that I added), some mixed berries with peach Greek yogurt and some lemonade.

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    I'm undecided today. As today is my birthday, I feel like maybe I should treat myself to something nice for lunch as opposed to my usual "oops... I didn't bring anything from home today" can of soup or Sapporo Ichiban. The jury is still out, however.
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    1/2 a peanut butter sandwich and instant mashed potatoes (with bacon bits).
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    I ended up getting a fish sammich and some onion rings.

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    Sweet potato/plantain/andouie/granny smith apple hash. The only problem was I made WAY too much.


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