Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!

Friday Night is once again FIGHT NIGHT in The SSG Battle of the Machines!

In tonight's classic contest it is actually a rematch of a fight that was earlier and more formally called The Battle Of Hoth! - You might have heard of it.

"All troops will debark for ground assault!"

"Attack pattern Delta! Go now!"

With armor too strong for blasters, the towering AT-AT Snow Walker could probably carry over a half-dozen snowtrooper action figures into combat in its troop carrier section, while under the command of the exclusive packed-in AT-AT Driver and AT-AT Commander (as close as we've come to General Veers' proper figure) seated in the cockpit. From there they can command the fully poseable behemoth machine's 4 giant legs, jointed in three points of articulation on each. Covering them, are the remote operated chin guns that fire with the air-piercing sound effects and red "laser" flashes one would come to expect from the firepower of this war machine. But that's not all: side-mounted anti-aircraft cannons feature missle tubes with launching projectiles capable of descimating any Rebel defenses! A remote lever in the transport section controls the aiming and directional tracking of the metal beasts head, and a electronic, backlit communications and tactical station replays dialog from the movie, and features the bone-crunching thunder a walker's legs make in action, as well as the terror-striking sound of many needle-like barrages of the walker's smaller artillery cannons.

Up against seemingly impossible odds is a Rebel Craft that might surprise you with its extraordinary resources that make it one of the only vehicles in the Rebel arsenol that actually has been proven effective at taking Imperial Walkers down! "Rogue Group: use your harpoons and tow cables! It may be our only chance at stopping them!" True enough, though the Electronic Rebel Armored SnowSpeeder features two powerful blaster cannons backed with electronic sound effects and red laser flashes on one model, it was the spring loaded harpoon gun and tow cable that could be twisted around (at least one of) the AT-AT's legs to attempt to pull it down. It takes two brave crewmen to handle these airspeeders and the toy seats two: a pilot and a tailgunner. The latest version of this craft saw its release with not only Luke Skywalker packed in, but the first ever action figure of Dak Ralter! It is doubtful the newer version will feature any electronics, including the cool fly-by sound effect included on the earlier one. But available online images show the packaging to be something extraordinary in itself in the latest release, the second-time around for this classic craft in the modern collection.

Now the battle is in your hands. Choose either the Imperial AT-AT or whichever Rebel Armored Snowspeeder you have the highest regard for, and decide which TOY would survive the battle to be YOUR FAVORITE! Keep coming back to see if the craft you like best can make it to the next round!