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    What the hell happened to Kit's head?

    This has bugged me for three years.

    Who thought it was a good idea to totally revamp the Kit Fisto mask between AOTC and ROTS?

    The attached pics show the differences, particularly around the eyes. Although it's not as clear in this ROTS pic, he's got a lot more yellow mottling on his skin in ROTS.

    Really, why change it midstream without a reason?
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    Interesting...I had no idea of these shenanigans.
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    There's no difference, he's just not Grin™ing in the 2nd photo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Really, why change it midstream without a reason?
    The reason is Botox.
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    I think the ROTS version looks better, his browline is sharper and his eye are more slanted inward; but it is kind of weird how it changes between movies.

    I guess Lucas figured that if Mark Hamill could get a new face between ANH and ESB, then why not Kit Fisto?
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    Maybe they misplaced the original mask, and had to come up with a new one. (Yeah... that's the ticket!)

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    I always liked his face in the Clone Wars cartoon, the smile was priceless.
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    Thanks for ruining the movie for me. How can I watch it now knowing of this huge error!

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    Wow, I never noticed that before. The definitely changed his brow and eyes in the second movie. I prefer the first version. The second one reminds me too much of a "little gray men" alien.
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    I'll give you a hint Chux, the blame starts with an "L" and ends with an "asss". The ROTS head is narrower, especially at the chin, and has a noticeably smaller forehead. Way to suck, ILM jerks.
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