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    I was born in January 1976 so Star Wars was the biggest influence on my entire childhood. I mostly collected the figures because that's what my allowence could afford me. I only had a few full-size ships that I got for presents but I had all of the small die-cast ships since they were in my price range and could be played with in the sandbox and woods without worry of damaging them.

    When Kenner/Hasbro put out the new line of Star Wars figures I was torn. I was 18 and broke and couldn't decide if I should buy the figures and look like a geek to any girls I knew or satisfy the urge to reclaim a childhood thrill. I decided that not looking like a geek to girls was more important, but I made weekly trips to the local Payless to check out the figures.

    In 1998 I was working as a graphic designer at a small publishing company. I became really good friends with a salesman named Dave at the company who happened to have a 6 year old son. Dave invited me up to his house one evening and I met his son, Kevin, who instantly asked me to come up to his room and pass a level in some game for him (he'd heard stories of my game playing prowess). As I entered his room I saw a sight on his dresser that made my jaw drop. He had about 15 small Star Wars ships that looked exactly like my old die-cast ships. I called Dave into the room and asked him where he got these awesome little ships. He told me that he'd been buying them for Kevin for a number of years.

    The next day I went to every department store in my area. I wasn't able to find a single ship although I did pick up a couple of Battle Packs. I kept my eyes open for them but didn't have much luck until one lucky day when I walked into Target and found a shelf with about 40 AFs on it. Target must have had a few cases that had been lost in storage. I went home with about 10 different AFs, including Jabbas Barge, the E-Wing, and the Defender, and I had no idea that any of these were more rare than the others.

    I finally got wise one day and starting checking eBay for the remaining AFs. I found the E-Wing selling for over $100 and since I didn't really care for that ship I sold it on eBay to give myself enough money to buy up the Afs I didn't have.

    I am now a die-hard AF collector. I collect some 3/4 figures, mainly Jedi, Sith, and all types of Stormtrooper, but AF is my the collection I just can't do without. I have them all stored in boxes right now but I plan to build a display case as soon as I have a house. I am no longer worried about letting girls see my collection of Star Wars stuff. I got over it after I started collecting SW toys again and I realized that any girl I was going to date would have to accept my boyish hobbies. I met my wife 6 years ago and she never once thought I was a geek for collecting Star Wars toys and comic books although she may be surprized to see just how many boxes of toys emerge from my closet when we finally move.

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    I got some micro machines stuff for Christmas one year along with an AF Tydirium . After that , I became addicted and couldn't stop collecting SW mm.
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    Well. I got into Action Fleet vehicles a couple of years ago when I saw an Action Fleet Shuttle Tyderium in a guy that knows room and I thought that it was neat looking. So then I went out and bought a Action Fleet Tie Fighter and a Cloud Car at KB's buy one for $9.99 and get a second for 1 cent sale ( I was shocked to see that deal!).
    And Micro Machines I never got to heavy into. I love MM's but I still to this day DO NOT OWN
    ANY MM'S THREE PACK'S! And that just sucks.
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    Talking to paraphrase scotty, "the haggie's in the fire for sure now" ;)

    "I sold (ewing) on eBay"
    - i trust you've seen the light since? ehhhxcellent :happy:
    cool, another denVeriTe maybe you'd care to join us when me & ws meet up at fs in 2 weeks? whether you'd have anythin to trade or not (feel free to bring along unwanted xtras just in case ) it's always fun, & who knows what other remarkable sights might be a part of the day

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    I'm definitly not a scalper if that's what you are implying. =)

    I am a big-time "anti-scalper". I hate the practice when it comes to anything (toys, concerts, sports events). I think it's one of the scummiest things on Earth. I don't think what I did was "scalping" because I didn't know the value of the E-Wing and didn't buy it with the intention of selling it. I finally decided to sell it because I think it is totally ugly, and I figured I'd rather be able to buy the rest of the ships I needed than own the ugly duckilng of the AF line. I felt more and more guilty as the bidding went up and I've never sold an AF since. I even found a group of Skyhoppers, Sandcrawlers, and Sail Barges at another Target a few months later and left all of them on the shelf for someone else because I already had them.

    I've actually been mulling over creating an Action Fleet website so I could find other AF collectors. The intention would be to have a place where we could post want lists so other collectors could help complete our collections. The basis of this would be "no markup allowed". You'd be helping someone, not trying to profit from them, and others would in turn help you. I have since found this forum so I'm not really sure if I even need to build a site to find AF collectors to trade with anymore.

    I'd definitely be up for meeting the Denver AF collectors. We can all benefit from having "collecting buddies". Tell me when and where when it is finalized. I work at home so I can meet anytime.
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    Thumbs up ok then. . .

    . . .it looks like our 15:30 mm council mmeeting a week from thursday is all set. lmk if any quextions, i'm ez to spot, see you there- & bring xtras for trade (& of course, if ar2 &/or dee2 can make it, they're always welcome to show as well )

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    in a perfect world..... of the denvattendees would have a laptop with PC digicam & cellular modem to transmit live feed of the meeting to the rest of us geographically-disadVanTaged forummers.
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