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    Question Celebration II, Who's going?

    Me I can't afford to go, but wish I could.

    I'd like to ask a favor, if anyone who is going can, on the off chance, pick up an extra of the exclusive figure, I'd be happy to take it off your hands.

    thanks folks,

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    A friend and I are trying to go. But there's still a lot of planning in the works. Neither of us live close to Indianapolis.
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    I'm considering it. I want to know who the guests are first. Plus I live about 800 miles from Indianapolis and getting there is the main thing. Has anyone checked the Celebration II site? The hotels they are listing are over $100 a night at the discount rate. Who would pay that much for a room? Not me. If I decide to go I'll get a less expensive room somewhere else.
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    My buddy and I are going. We live two hours away. Hey, it's in our home state! But for Celebration 1, we flew halfway across the country.

    There are plenty of hotels in the surrounding Indy area, so you don't have to worry about that. You might have to drive 20 minutes to downtown but it's cheaper.

    As for $100 a night rooms. that's not bad. I won't say how much we're paying but it's a lot more! My friend didn't trust the SW fan club to make our hotel reservations. We've had our reservations since Thanksgiving.

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    I'm going, its only a 4 hour drive from Chicago, and we got a great rate on rooms. I'm interested to see how much better this one is compared to the first, since its like 3 times as much to get in.
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    If you're financially able to go, I highly suggest trying to attend. It's an experience you won't regret. Despite the crappy, Dagobah-like weather and the long lines, the Denver show was fun.

    SW Celebration 2 is my big vacation for the year.

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    I'll be going on the super cheap.

    I'm driving from Philly, it should be about a 10 hr drive, but I wont have to rent a car, and it will cost less for gas than for airfare.

    Then I found a place for 40$ a night. I think it was rated at 1/2 star.

    But the best part is I'll be going to C2!
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    I'm definitely going. My wife (she loves Star Wars too!) have had our reservations for several months now.

    I didn't make it to the first on in Denver--but I've got high hopes for Celebration II!!!!

    Anybody know who the exclusive figure is? I remember someone saying it was another Luke X-Wing. I wonder if it would be similar to the Toy Fare Vader?

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    I read a month or so ago that the exclusive figure is a resculpted X-wing Luke with a Micro Machine-size X-wing.

    But I haven't seen anything on the subject since -- rumor or confirmation.


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