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    If we're going after astromech droids, why not Jawa sandcrawler droids too? All we've got so far besides R2 and 3PO is R5-D4. Hasbro could have easily made a CS Jawa droid scene and sold scads of them.
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    I want more droids.Hasbro go for broke and make them all.I would buy them , until my wife shoots me.
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    I would buy them, until my wife shoots me.
    Me too.

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    Shoulda just called it Attack of the Killer Clones

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    I'd buy them all until I go crazy and shoot myself.

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    I would love to see more droids...maybe a RA-7, R4-19, CZ-1. AV-6R7, LIN-V8K and lastly WED 15!
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    What is the address for the sansweet archives by the way???
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    Actually there are no clear-dome R2 units. They have their own designation as R3. It has more memory and advanced circuitry compared to R1 and R2 units. The clear dome is the only visible difference though. They are used mostly on capital ships and battle stations.

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    Sean the Hutt
    I am all for droids as well. When the clearance sales were on, I bought extra r2's. Then I pried the domes off. With the help of a lot of cool lego pieces donated by (swiped from) my nephew, I have made some cool custome droids!
    Droid 2 packs would be great, Along with a new droid factory or sandcrawler. I have a vintage one, but a new one 4 times that size would be great. If you can make an at at you can make a sandcrawler!

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    Originally posted by The Bald Ewok
    I would love to see more droids...maybe a RA-7, R4-19, CZ-1. AV-6R7, LIN-V8K and lastly WED 15!
    I just finished an RA-7 by stripping the paint from a Death Star Droid. Check it out.


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