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    Oh yeah? check out my RA-7! It aint just the stripping off of the black, it's the addition of new detail like the rust and corosion and getting his eyes the right colour........

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    Awesome work on the RA-7, guys. The perfect reason to buy an extra Death Star Droid.

    I remember reading about how you converted your droid Jargo, in the Customs section, and strangely enough that night I had a dream about doing the exact same thing to my DSD, so I guess it's time to go a'customizin'. BTW since I'm too lazy to go dig out your instructions from the other thread, what'd you use to strip off the black paint?
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    Acetone is the stuff. The same stuff women use to strip varnish from their nails. Be careful though as it is very strong stuff and will not only take off the black laquer but also the silver chromey stuff. Use a Q-tip and don't rub but gently wipe the black away or use a tissue rolled into a point for the awkward to reach places like the neck and groin. Don't rub the black off the underneath of the hands and try to leave traces of the black in the grooves. Even without adding orange paint to rust him up he'll look cool.
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    Nicely done! Now all I need to do is find another DSD!
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    Shoulda just called it Attack of the Killer Clones

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    Yeah, I saw yours the first time you posted it Jargo. Good job on it by the way.

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    It appears that the clear dome units are R3 units. So much the better. Now to demand that we get them from Hasbro! Who's with me?!

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    Thumbs up

    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    ARE YOU BRAINDEAD?!!! We still haven't got a decent R5 or R4 unit out of them. What hope have we for a clear domed R3 unit? Sheer lunacy I tell you, Sheer lunacy!

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    Ah, but we will soon have a decent R5 unit.

    And I finally found the call numbers for ol' Clear Dome, R3-A2! That is the yellow highlighted one on Hoth.


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