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    Clear Dome R2 Unit?

    I was reflecting, as I often do, on the future of Star Wars figures and began to think droids. There is some conjecture on this subject and I was hopeful someone could clear this up. Were there R2-unit type droids with clear domes? There are a few that certainly seem that way, but in pictures I've found of at least one that looks clear at first glance, further inspection of the picture reveals that it in fact has a high-polish chrome dome and little color highlighting. The droids surroundings are reflected in odd ways on the dome giving the illusion of a clear dome.
    The reason I ask is that a clear-domed R2-unit would be a great figure for the future Star Wars lines IF they really exist. Someone help me! Sith Worm says yes, and though I agree, I need further convincing. Help!

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    If my vision isn't too bad, I believe the orange highlighted R2 unit that is seen scuttling about in ESB in the hangar is a clear domed model.

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    Good eye Pellaeon! Sansweet's Action Figure Archive has a photo of the clear dome R2 (the orange one) on page 36, along with photos of about a dozen other R2/R5 droids.

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    Thanks for the help there guys. Well, add that orange-highlighted, clear-domed beauty to my want list! Anyone know the call numbers?

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    Looking at that page makes me want more astromech droid figures even more....

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    You said it Obi-Dan Kenobi! Bring on the droids. I would really like to see more droids too. I like Hasbro's idea with the power droid, adding a Jawa to the card. They could even have droid 2-packs. Death Star Droid with the Mouse Droid, excellent idea! The clear domed droid could be packed with Chewie's mechanic droid. The possibilities are endless!
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    Originally posted by Neo Solo
    The possibilities are endless!
    Not really!
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    GNT's cup is half full....

    Love that clear domed droid. he's been on my wishlist for like - ages! I did have his designation number somewhere but can't recall where just now. Try and find it later unless someone else gets in first.

    Wouldn't it be cool to get an R2 multi-pack with mix and match heads and legs and attachments? That would be very cool.

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    That is a Droid I'd like to see made. Somethign different that has yet to be made.
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    Absolutely, I think there's one in ANH on the Tantive IV, and one in ROTJ on the Death Star as well. We need more droids in this line, not just simple repaints of 3PO and R2, but new gimmicks, new domes on astromechs, more more more!
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