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    Darth Sidious w/ Neimoidian Mechno-Chair!

    QUESTION #2:

    Dear Hasbro,
    With the numerous problems and an anti-climactic release of the Sideshow Collectibles Darth Sidious version... What are the chances of seeing Hasbro create a 3 3/4 scale Holographic Darth Sidious on mechno chair in the near future?
    Mike S


    Very, very good!

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    Yeah, I could hear you crapping your pants when they announced that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    Yeah, I could hear you crapping your pants when they announced that.
    So that's what that smell was!

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    That is good news. I will buy one or two.
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    I want this for sure.

    I have an extra Nute, Rune, and Darth Maul in storage (all still carded) that I bought to save for this day.

    While it's not the most exciting product, it is visually interesting.

    I think I'm also going to buy a 2nd one so Sidious can watch Darth Tyranus train Asajj Ventress from Clone Wars.

    It was about time for Hasbro to release this product.
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    I'm definitely getting this.
    Now all we need is Nute with Mechno Chair. Though isn't he sitting down? Which would mean a new Nute with bendable knees and a chair that sits on the robotic part?
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    This sounds like a pretty cool figure but I just can't get excited anymore. If I'm not mistaken I've quit collecting. It's not that I don't like it but it's just tough. I think I have all of the TAC figures but I don't have any FU or Comic Packs, vehicles, etc. It's really a shame too. I've spent so much money to just stop. *shrugs*
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    Awesome! Anything to help The CIS and Trade Federation is good by me considering thats all i collect!
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    it's about eight years too late for me. back then I would have jumped at this. Now i can't even raise an appreciative eyebrow.
    show me Pod racers and Mos Espa aliens and I might feel moved to buy something. The rest of TPM holds no interest for me.

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    I'll get this. Would be nice to round out that scene. Problem is I'd need a new Nute Gunray. Meh, he should be relatively cheap on eBay.
    Move along, move along


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