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    Octuptarra droid at Steelyard Commons Walmart* for $17.50!!! Not many left!!!
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    It's obvious that TRU is just putting stuff out there. I visited a couple stores (Parmatown and Great Northern) this past weekend and saw the remnants of the new vehicle wave at GN in the form of a lonely yellow Jedi Starfighter in the new packaging. They had tons of Legacy and CW figures and pegs where the Vintage figures once hung. So, with that, I'd say that reboot is definitely underway at TRU at least.
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    To no one:
    Not finding anything up my way. Walmart* on Brookpark and Steelyard don't have anything. The TARGET at W117th and at Steelyard are also not yielding any finds. I've had the vintage figures I wanted for a couple weeks and the snowspeeder and the cloud car for a month. Was hoping to see what else was out there.

    Anyone finding the Jabba?
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    WOW!! Whaddaya know? I found the Jabba at Steelyard Commons last night!
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    Thumbs up

    Went to the Brookpark Walmart* this morning; not expecting to find anything, but actually did! I ran into another fellow collector there (didn't catch his name, but a really nice guy) who was looking for some openers, but offered me anything that I was looking for. I picked up Luke and Han 'cos the cardbacks were new ones. Passed on the Yoda for now, but will probably regret it later. *shrug*

    So-- big "thank you" to the guy who helped me out this morning.

    They had Gree, Yoda and R5-D4 as well.
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    Red face

    Was at the Steelyard Walmart* yesterday afternoon and was able to get two Senate Guards, Mace Windu (which looked a lot better than I thought it would, so I picked it up), Cad Bane w/TODO-360 and the new CW Obi-Wan.

    They had peasant Anakin, AOTC Obi-Wan, Super Battle Droid as well. There was, for anyone still interested, a black ARC-170 sitting on a clearance table near the toy department. It was in a badly beaten up box, but was marked $45.
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    The Walmart* on Brookpark got some restocks on Clone Wars (and probably Legacy), but they are still sitting on the same Clone Troopers and Sandtroopers that have been there since... November? It seems like all of the stores are just languishing in those two figures.

    Note to Hasbro: In your revision pack of the ROTJ wave (due in May 2011), you really shouldn't have bothered repacking those and instead thrown in an extra Wedge Antilles and Gamorrean Guard.

    I don't even know why I'm posting anything here. I think I'm the only one who does ANYTHING in this thread!!!
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    Lima, Ohio in the house and hunting for Star Wars Vintage collection figures.

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    Did you find either?
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    I have every vintage figure up through General Lando and Skiff Master, with the exception of Wicket. I have never found him at retail.


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