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    Managed to get wave three, revision eleven from Entertainment Earth on a fluke the other day. Was pre-sold out for months and I hit it at the right time. So-- I have a Wedge and a Gamorrean Guard on the way at long last! My friend is grabbing a couple figures out of the assortment for himself and the rest have questionable fates.
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    Not really a find, but I received my case of TF Generations this week from BBTS. I now have Warpath, Thundercracker, and Wheeljack. All I need now are Windcharger and Grapple.
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    Finally found some new Star Wars figures at TRU. Found Logray, Han Solo, Bom Vimdin, Rebel Fleet Trooper. I got those and left Bariss Offee and Arc Commander on the peg. They were fresh out of the case and only one of each in the case.
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    That ARC Commander is a really nice figure.

    You could've made some money on that one if you'd had the mind to eBay it. LOL
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    I am trying to get the Revenge of the Jedi SDCC pack on HTS but I think the site crashed.
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    I found the Toys R Us exclusive Vintage style Y-wing today. They had two left and one was pretty battered.
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    I stopped at my local TARGET last night to discover that they have reset their toy aisle. They put up the Star Wars endcap, but there is NOTHING new on it!! There was one Cloud Car Pilot hanging on one of the three pegs devoted to Vintage and there were a few older vehicles on the shelf. The Geonosis 2-packs were still lingering at $16.99 each and there was a smattering of Legacy and CW figures on the pegs.

    The endcap had the electronic Grievous and Clone Trooper masks (one each), a selection of lightsabers that have clearly been there for quite some time and a bunch of figures. Those figures? More of the figures that were on the pegs in the aisle and the rest of the Vintage figures that have been sitting there since October (Dengar, Cloud Car Pilot, Sandtrooper, Phase II Clone).

    What an amazing bounty to discover!!!

    Well, at least it's been reset. I suppose that means they'll eventually have to give in and order some product to match the shelf tags that were out. Whee.
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    I went to Target over the weekend. They had all the Jedi Force stuff; my son was not real interested. They had the new FX lightsabers, three packs, deluxe vehicle packs - Castas looks cool, Republic attack cruiser. They also had a couple of the new G. I. Joe Skystriker...I almost bought it...almost.

    I walked out with a new Wes Welker McFarlane Sports Pick figure and that was it.
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    I found all the new Thundercats stuff at TRU in Dayton yesterday. I bought the Classics Lion-O and I did not like the look of Classics Tygra. His nose looks weird and he looks fat.
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    Nothing at all.
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