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    I have been stopping at the TARGET near my house every couple days for the last four weeks and they haven't gotten anything new on the pegs. Here's the thing... they have had the little silver "restock" dot on all three of the Vintage pegs during that time and two silver dots on the Movie Heroes pegs for the last two weeks. Basically, they have had these things on order in their system, but no stock has been shipped from their distribution centre. I'm assuming what that means is that there is no stock arriving at their centre from Hasbro. That sorta makes me wonder what's going on with the shipments again. It doesn't really sound like Hasbro's making good on their promises to have better distribution this year.
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    I found Kithaba at the local Walmart this week, first time I have found anything new since January. Everything else was gone by the time I got there.

    I also found but did not buy the Blu ray Deleted scene figures at K-mart. Maybe a good sign.
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    Although not a find, I received Hoth Luke, Nikto, Wedge, and Dr. Evazan from Amazon this week.
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    I found Dr. E at the local Walmart but his card was pretty beat up. I am glad I already had one.
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    Remnants of the Lost Line wave at Kmart on Lorain at West 150th (Leia, Jar Jar and Shocktrooper on Lost Line cards and Leia and Jar Jar on Vintage cards). AT-ST also there now.

    The Return of Darth Maul pack found at TARGET at Westgate.
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    I found remnants of the lost line wave at a TRU in Columbus over the weekend but did not want them. I picked up the Masterpiece Thundercracker and the Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper. The local TRU was having a buy 1 get one 1/2 off sale so I picked up two of the speeder bikes.
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    At the local Walmart last week, I found a new wave of Clone Wars figures. Some were repacks, like Chewbacca, but there were several I had not seen before, such as Asohka in scuba gear.
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    At my local TRU I found the new Masterpiece Optimus Prime. There was only one left and now it is mine.
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    I received my case of the final vintage wave this week.

    In more interesting news, I got the MTT for just $80 at Walmart. I took in the TRU toy catalog and they honored the $50 off coupon! Spread the word.
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    I got the Kmart exclusive AT-ST for $30 last week. I was (and am) happy.
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