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Thread: June Hauls

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    Cool June Hauls

    A short road trip yielded this morning's finds, my first haul of June:

    Indiana Jones
    Cargo Truck
    Troop Car
    German Soldiers 2-pack

    All this and $40.01 in gas ($3.89/gal)! I've been filling up when the tank hits the halfway point, helps take some of the bite out these high fuel prices.
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    Hauling about 65 lbs. of recylcing: aluminum, glass, and plastic; as a result of my son's (19th) birthday party last night (and into early morning today). We still have guests hanging out........ (GTA4, Mario Kart still in progress...)
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    My suit for my wedding, I paid for it in May, but it needed alterations, and I picked it up today. Also new shoes, and a shirt for my big day, as well as a suit for my son, whicjh I paid for today, and pick up next Sunday.

    Star Wars insider issue 101

    Creating the worlds of Star Wars 365 days by John Knoll for 30% off because it has a few nicks in the bottom back cover, and the manager of the bookstore I bought it at, is a huge Star Wars fan, and understands my pain.
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    Utapau Shadow Clone
    Shadow Stormtrooper
    TDK X-pandables Batcave

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    Futurama volumes 3 & 4 on dvd
    Indiana Jones Cemetary Warrior
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    GI Joe Comic 2-pk Tomax and Xamot

    on ebay: 50 GI Joe Battle Points enough to get an extra Doc figure to open.

    Event Horizon (Special edition)
    Serenity (Collector's Edition)

    all these movies rock!
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    Snake Eyes (wave 8)
    Major Bludd
    Transformers Animated Bumblebee

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    Titanium Man (from the Iron Man Movie series of figures)

    I still need help in getting the Shadow Stormtrooper and Utapau Shadow Clone trooper. Oh and the four Galactic Heroes sets (the ones with the Clone Commanders). Any help on any of those items would be extremely appreciated.

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    Defender II CIB for NES
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