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    Most Wanted Figure Poll Phase 2 Round 10

    Welcome to Phase 2 Round 10 of our Most Wanted Figures Poll. You will choose the five figures you want the most from the 35 choices offered at the bottom of this post.

    If you are just joining in the process, or if you voted in a previous round and wonder what's going on, see this post for a better illustration of how the process works. The example there explains how we went from Round 1 to Round 2, but the process is the same going from Round 2 to Round 3, and so on.

    The poll will be open for almost a week, and will close at 9pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, June 10. I will then tally the scores, with first place votes receiving 5 points, on down to fifth place votes receiving 1 point. The top five scorers will make our most wanted list.

    This will be the last round done in this fashion, at which point we will have a list of 50 figures. Starting sometime after the conclusion of this round, we will be using an alternate polling method of generating a top 50 list. For more information on that, or to discuss the results of this poll, go to the discussion thread. Please keep this thread to votes only.

    So, without further delay, select and rank your 5 most wanted figures from the following 35 choices:

    Queen Amidala Post Senate Black Gown
    Naboo Pilot in Trenchcoat

    Barriss Offee
    Queen Jamillia
    Padmé Yellow Picnic Dress
    Padmé Senator Palpatine's Office

    Breha Organa
    Midwife Droid
    Owen Lars (ROTS)
    Padmé with Leia hair buns

    Red Leader Garven Dreis
    Commander Praji
    Pello Scrambas
    Red Leader's R5 Unit

    Leia Medical Frigate
    Edian – black Bespin Guard
    Han Solo Bespin
    Dak Ralter
    Wedge Snowspeeder Pilot

    R2-D2 Shield Bunker Damage
    Admiral Ackbar
    Spirit of Yoda

    Jaina Solo
    Jacen Solo
    Gilad Pellaeon
    Admiral Daala
    Corran Horn

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    1) Padme Senator - Palpatine's Office (Loyalist Committee)
    2) Queen Amidala (black) Post-Senate Gown
    3) Padme with Leia hair buns (Palpatine's Rescue's conclusion)
    4) Queen Jamilla
    5) Midwife Droid
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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    Kitster (seriously, how has this boy not been made yet?)
    Breha Organa
    Barriss Offee
    Corran Horn
    Queen Jamilla
    That's my jacket!

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    1. Admiral Ackbar
    2. Paploo
    3. Warok
    4. Pello Scrambas
    5. Gilad Pellaeon
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    1. Spirit of Yoda
    2. Edian – black Bespin Guard
    3. Queen Jamillia
    4. Breha Organa
    5. Admiral Daala
    Rogue Squadron-19 Golds, Battle For Naboo-18 Platinums, Rogue Leader-15 Golds/15 Aces, Rebel Strike-19 Single Golds/19 Single Aces
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    1 Pello Scrambas ANH
    2 Red Leader Garven Dreis ANH
    3 Kitster TPM
    4 Wald TPM
    5 Red Leader's R5 unit
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    1. R2-D2 Shield Bunker Damage
    2. Han Bespin
    3. FX-6
    4. Pello Scrambas
    5. Leia Medical Frigate
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    1) Wald
    2) Spirit of Yoda
    3) Ackbar
    4) Midwife Droid
    5) Padme with Leia hair buns
    Big thanks to DarkJedi5, TheRealDubya, obi-dad, morpheus282, Tycho and Kidhuman for great deals/trades.

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    Admiral Ackbar
    Red Leader Garven Dreis
    Wedge Snowspeeder Pilot
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    Thanks to sebillba for the trade!

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    1. Edian - Black Bespin Guard
    2. Warok
    3. Kitster
    4. Wald
    5. Breha Organa


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